Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coaching Changes...

Though I bleed Cougar blue, as an Aggie alum I still like to keep up to date with the programs up at USU.  It has been announced that Utah Defensive Coordinator Gary Anderson will take over the football head  coaching position.    

I'm excited to see what Coach Anderson can do with what appears to be a hopeless program.  He has agreed to take over a team that for as long as I can remember has made a habit of losing.  As impossible as a task that it may seem, it appears that the athletic program has finally decided to put some money into football.  With Anderson's ability to recruit and a knowledge for coaching, maybe he is the guy to get that thing headed in the right direction.  We'll know in a few years when he either gets fired or moves onto bigger and better things.

It sounds like he will be taking some other Coaches with him from the Utes staff as well. 

I was also happy to see former BYU QB and current USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian land the job in Seattle.  Much like Anderson, he has inherited a UW program that is hurting in a very bad way.  

The odds are stacked against these guys but hopefully they can find a way to succeed.