Monday, July 28, 2008

Go Utes!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get your tickets while they last!

The hardest thing about scoring a ticket to this game will be finding the time to go to the local high school for the spirit rally to pick up your free tickets.  

BYU hater first, Ute Fan second.  That is how it goes with those that follow athletics (if you want to call them that) that take place up on the hill.

While sitting in Elders quorum today, I overheard UteFan going off on how lame BYU is for scheduling a Division 1 FCS (Football Championship Subdivision/formerly 1-AA) opponent.  When I asked him how he felt to have the mighty Weber State Wildcats (also 1-AA) rolling into Rice Eccles this season he had no idea what I was talking about.  He didn't even know his own teams schedule.

Should I be surprised that he didn't even know who was coming into town to take on the Utes? No.  In fact, I would be even more surprised to learn that he could actually find his way to Rice Eccles to see a game, considering the fact that to be a Ute fan doesn't mean you have to actually go watch them in person.  UteFan doesn't attend games.  It's not part of his culture. 

Is it ignorance that makes the Yewt overlook the patsies on their schedule, or is it that their hypocrisy knows no bounds?  

Weber State belongs to the Big Sky Conference.  It's the same conference that provided the real barn burner up at Rice Eccles back in 2006 when the mighty Northern Arizona Lumberjacks came to town.   

Before Utefan goes off on me about their strength of schedule this year, let me point out once again that it is nearly identical to the Cougars schedule.  Both teams have conference play, both teams play Utah State, both teams have a division 1 FCS team on the schedule, and both have 2 games against average teams from one of the Big Six BCS conferences.  

I'll give the Utes some credit for having the cahones to go to the big house and take on Michigan.  But, lets be honest here.  You guys got bought.  You are the Wolverines patsy.  They don't respect you, and if they did the Utes could have demanded a home and home or said no deal.  I think in the end it could actually work in the Utes favor when Michigan over looks them.  I really think that the Utes will go into Ann Arbor and get the win, but at the end of the year it will be a win over a great, storied program having a lousy, rebuilding year.

OSU is no different of a schedule than that of Washington or UCLA.  Over the years all three teams have been average Pac Ten teams, with some years being better and some worse than others.  OSU is in rebuilding mode and will be lucky to finish over 500.  Again, at the end of the year it won't be a win worth bragging about, that is if the Utes don't choke at home.

Unwar the hypocritical/ignorant Ute fan who brings the Division 1-AA smack.  By doing so you prove how weak you really are.

Go Cougs!   

CJ Miles is the Antichrist...

So we now have CJ Miles for $15 million. That's great. Let me tell you why I hate this move. We have two proven players in Brewer and Milsap who are going to need deals done within the timeframe that Miles' deal goes. We are already strapped for salary with Okur, AK, Boozer (I know may be gone after this year), and now Williams. Miles has been in the league for 3 years and hasn't broken through to that next level of being a go-to guy, so why not let him go to the Thunder from Down Under in Oklahoma and focus on other players that are up and coming. You already know what you are going to get from CJ and no one knows better than Jerry Sloan. So I have a bone to pick with anyone ripping Jerry Sloan about being a detriment to his players - He hasn't been a detriment to Paul Milsap who got significant playing time his rookie season, and he hasn't been a detriment to Ronnie Brewer who is a starter in his second season. Enough with the Sloan bashing. This is a damn good coach who has an eye for talent and recognizes what the best thing for his team is. So basically, if you rip on Jerry Sloan, your credibility is shot and you are an idiot. CJ Miles doesn't come to the Rocky Mountain Review because he is "worried about getting injured". Listen CJ, why don't you start worrying about getting better, enhancing your career, or maybe getting a few less DNP's instead.

I can think of a lot of things I would have spent $15 million on before resigning CJ...More Jazz Girls, a bigger cannon for the Bear to shoot stuff at the crowd, and a supply of new nets, just in case.

We will be talking about how bad this was for the Jazz in a couple of years when big free agents have come and gone. At least we'll still have CJ, my candidate for 13th man of the year.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our "National" Past Time - South of the Mason Dixon Line.

As I was looking through my schedule I noticed that I had a 23 hour layover.  As much as I like my job the one part of it that I do not like is the down time in the Hotels.  So, to keep myself entertained I tried to come up with something to do to pass the time.

This time of year that usually means baseball if I can find a place to watch a game.  I don't care if it is the Billings Mustangs or the Missoula Osprey, if they play baseball and I can watch, I'll go. 

Fortunately, the city I was in had a little better option than pioneer league baseball.  I got on the internet and saw that the Washington Nationals were in town.  I'm not a Washington fan but I'll never pass up the opportunity to go to a MLB game.  

My buddy Clint lives in the area so I gave him a call and he picked me up at the airport with tickets in hand and we headed over to the ballpark.

Walking across the parking lot I found a bullet that had been shot.  No blood on it but it had started to mushroom. Not something you find everyday.

There was a monument out in the parking lot in honor of Hammerin Hank Aaron.  It was the old site of Fulton County Stadium where he hit #715 to surpass Babe Ruth's record.


And now.....

We got to the park early and were able to watch both teams take batting practice.

If you truly are baseball fans, these guys need no introduction.

A Living Legend

Hall of Famer?  Should be.

Close to game time

These were our seats.

The winning pitcher.

The other team's third baseman was pretty good.  I think his name is Larry.

What do you think Bob?

Final Score

Winning Team

Good Company

The KadeMan sporting a new hat.

So the Nationals got beat but that's OK.  I wasn't cheering for them anyways, that and Clint is a die hard fan for the other team.  I was glad to see him leave happy.

After the game Clint offered to take me to the "Shoe Show." (A show where the girls dance with just shoes on)  The offer was tempting but the game was sufficient entertainment. 
It was a great game and a very fun way to spend a layover.  Thanks again Clint for getting the tickets and showing me a good time down in Dixie.

My final thoughts, metaphorically speaking:

War me, an infidel living amongst a group of Muslims, for being the only one to have made the pilgrimage to Mecca.  


Monday, July 14, 2008

An old fashion beat down!

You had probably heard of the celebrity fight that took place over the weekend.  

Jose Canseco, 6'4" and 245 lbs, had put out a challenge to any celebrity athlete that wanted to get in the ring and go toe to toe with him.  The rules were that they would use 14 ounce gloves and would fight three 2-minute rounds.  

Vai Sikahema, the same Vai that was an standout football player at BYU and played professionally for the Philadelphia Eagles, took him up on the challenge.  Vai stands at 5'9" and ways only 205 lbs., thats seven inches and 45 pounds that he gives up to the bigger Canseco.  Watching the highlights of the fight though you could see that he was never at a disadvantage.

After two knockdowns and what amounted to less than a round, the fight was stopped.  The highlights say it all.

I met Vai when I was a kid.  His niece lived in my ward and he came to church with her family one day.  It was a big deal to me because I really looked up to him as a football player.  I remember the testimony he shared in sacrament about how their is a time and season for all things.  

Looks like it was his time to beat up on a has-been baseball player.

War Vai for putting the hammer down and taking it to Canseco.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Talking Points

-I wasn't able to make it to the games but it sounds like Pirate Motor Sports went 0-2.  The pressure was high with it being champions night and we folded like Carlos Boozer in the playoffs.  That's alright.  We'll be back next year with all returning starters at every position.  Based on Phil Steeles logic we should be pretty good.  

In the meantime all you Pirate Motor Sports fans that have been tuning in weekly for the update of our games will have to settle for BYU and Utah Jazz talk,  with maybe an occasional Ute post here and there as well.  Hope it will pacify you. 

-We should know soon if the Jazz are going to make a play for anyone.  I don't see how with D-Will getting a max contract that they will have any money to throw at anyone with out trading someone beforehand.  As much as I would like to see AK or even Boozer go for someone of equal or greater quality in return I don't see that happening as well.  I will be interested to see how things shake out but am not expecting anything too shocking.

-This has nothing to do with anything going on other than I thought it was funny.  Enjoy.

It's a slow sports week.  If you have anything to share feel free to do so.  Otherwise, Later!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ESPN Team Preview- BYU Cougars

The season can't come soon enough!