Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Talking Points

Congratulations to Goodness (JP) on being named the head baseball coach at Mountain View high school.  

When I heard the news, the thought that went through my mind was that it is about time.  I mean that in a good way.  If anyone was born to Coach, that person is definitely Jon.  I've been saying for years that the guy needed to be either on the sideline, on the bench, or in the dugout coaching.  I don't know anyone that knows the fundamentals of sports as well and can teach them any better than JP. 

He'll do a damn good job. I'm sure of that. 

Congratulations Bud! 


I'm not one to really get caught up in the Olympic Games.  I should, but I never really have.  I'm excited though to watch the Men's team take it to the world on the hard court.  I'll be surprised if they don't bring home the gold.  

I have been able to tune in for a couple of their warm up games.  I was afraid that it would end up being an All-Star style of play with all offense and no defense.  The style of play you would find out on the streets.  They same style of play that embarrassed the USA basketball community during the last summer olympics.  Surprisingly though (at least for me) these guys play well as a team.  

I think they have checked their egos at the door and are going to do what it takes to win the gold, which is playing unselfish ball.  To see the best in the world come together as a team is pretty amazing.  I don't think they can be beat.


Anybody else getting tired of this story?

I like Brett Favre, always have.  I won't fault him for wanting to come back out of retirement.  People change their mind.  In fact, I will never be the one to criticize someone for being indecisive.  Those of you that have spent anytime around me know that I tend to be a little indecisive myself. (Schizo was one of my nick name for some reason in college)

Him wanting to come back though has put the Packer organization in a no win situation.  They're screwed no matter what they do.  

I think Rodgers is screwed as well.  Anything short of a Super Bowl and I think everyone we'll be comparing him to Brett and wondering how far Favre could have taken them.  If he comes out and struggles at all the fan base and media their in Green Bay are going to tear him apart.

I'm glad Brett didn't take the 20 million dollar buy out.  This whole thing has been bad on his legacy and what he'll be remembered for, but had he taken the pay off he definitely would have been remembered in a very bad light.


Also team sponsor of the newest and possibly greatest co-ed softball team ever assembled.  After PC Players allowed our contract to expire and the team disbanded, Amanda and I found ourselves out on the streets wandering aimlessly looking for another team to take us in.

That team is Wellness Complete.  

League play starts tomorrow night.  I unfortunately won't be able to make it to the opener but you can count on the weekly updates starting after next weeks doubleheader.  I'm sure you are excited for that. 

-Fall camp is under way.  I know the games are still a ways off but for me this is where the excitement  all begins.  It's nice to turn on the radio or the news and hear football talk, even if  at times it is about the team in red up on the hill.

Cougars and Utes alike should be excited.  All indications point to the fact that it could be a very special year for each team.  

That's all I got.




Spread goodness. said...

The kindness is appreciated Shane! I'm excited, overwhelmed, nervous, etc. all at once.
Be ready, I may come recruit Kade in 10 or so more years!! I figure he'll be a solid second base like his mom.