Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A good run of bad luck! (Picture Heavy)

This last week I spent 5 days backpacking up in the Wind River Mountains along with my Dad and Elton (34/31).  We had been planning this trip for quite awhile but had cancelled it.  At the last minute we decided to go and I am glad we did.

Because it was last minute it took some convincing on my part to get Elton to go along.  He had some concerns going into the trip that in a deciding conversation I was able to put to rest.  His concerns went something like this:

Elton- So, is this trip going to be expensive?
Shane- It will be the cheapest trip you have ever been on.  All you will need to buy is food for the week and a fishing license.

The truth- Very expensive!

Fishing License $56
Indian Trespassing Fee $50
Reservation Recreation Fee $5
Fuel $50
Hotel $25
Truck Ride across the Reservation to get to the trail head $250 (ouch)

Elton- Is it going to snow on us?
Shane- Heck no!  This time of year the weather is beautiful.  The monsoon season has passed and the weather pattern should be dry.  The weather will be perfect.

The Truth- The weather is going to suck!

It rained most of the trip, and the last day we were there the rain turned to snow.  It was wet and miserable.  

Elton- Is the fishing going to be good?
Shane- The fishing will be amazing.  Not only will you catch a ton of fish, but the majority will be good size as well.

The Truth- It might be a little slow.

Actually, we caught a lot of fish, but only a dozen or so were very good.  Most of the fish we caught were only about 10" or so.

(Elton and a Hawg)

Even though the weather didn't cooperate, it was a little more expensive than planned and the fishing was kind of slow, we still had a great time.  I've been going up to this area since I was a little kid.  I have a lot of good memories up there with my Dad and am grateful I was able to go again with him.

He turns 75 years old this fall and isn't sure how many more trips he has left in him.  I'm hoping there are still a few more in his future.  It was fun to spend the time with him while doing something that we both enjoy so much.  I won't soon forget this last week.

Good looking Brookie

My best fish of the trip (Cutthroat)

A small Golden Trout caught by Elton.

A view from our camp.

No Wyoming trip is complete without a ride on a Jack-A-Lope.