Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our "National" Past Time - South of the Mason Dixon Line.

As I was looking through my schedule I noticed that I had a 23 hour layover.  As much as I like my job the one part of it that I do not like is the down time in the Hotels.  So, to keep myself entertained I tried to come up with something to do to pass the time.

This time of year that usually means baseball if I can find a place to watch a game.  I don't care if it is the Billings Mustangs or the Missoula Osprey, if they play baseball and I can watch, I'll go. 

Fortunately, the city I was in had a little better option than pioneer league baseball.  I got on the internet and saw that the Washington Nationals were in town.  I'm not a Washington fan but I'll never pass up the opportunity to go to a MLB game.  

My buddy Clint lives in the area so I gave him a call and he picked me up at the airport with tickets in hand and we headed over to the ballpark.

Walking across the parking lot I found a bullet that had been shot.  No blood on it but it had started to mushroom. Not something you find everyday.

There was a monument out in the parking lot in honor of Hammerin Hank Aaron.  It was the old site of Fulton County Stadium where he hit #715 to surpass Babe Ruth's record.


And now.....

We got to the park early and were able to watch both teams take batting practice.

If you truly are baseball fans, these guys need no introduction.

A Living Legend

Hall of Famer?  Should be.

Close to game time

These were our seats.

The winning pitcher.

The other team's third baseman was pretty good.  I think his name is Larry.

What do you think Bob?

Final Score

Winning Team

Good Company

The KadeMan sporting a new hat.

So the Nationals got beat but that's OK.  I wasn't cheering for them anyways, that and Clint is a die hard fan for the other team.  I was glad to see him leave happy.

After the game Clint offered to take me to the "Shoe Show." (A show where the girls dance with just shoes on)  The offer was tempting but the game was sufficient entertainment. 
It was a great game and a very fun way to spend a layover.  Thanks again Clint for getting the tickets and showing me a good time down in Dixie.

My final thoughts, metaphorically speaking:

War me, an infidel living amongst a group of Muslims, for being the only one to have made the pilgrimage to Mecca.  



Anonymous said...

the wild pony called your visa was left at the show. I gave them your home # PS they will be needing the shoes back. Did you see chipper at hooters. We might need you back, got a kicking today. (Sunday) tryouts are in the spring. If you can find a HAT to cover the crater that will help. See ya BYU can not hang in GEORGIA
Clint Pigler

Dr. P said...

reading this post nearly brought a tear to my eye. Indeed, I feel as if you truly did make the sacred pilgrimage to mecca. Turner field is where the Holy team plays, Larry, Bobby, Johnny, Tommy, and the rest are Gods. I dont know where your baseball allegiences lie, but if they dwell in Atlanta, maybe the Braves are the perfect melding of both red and blue.

SittinDeadRed said...

That's alright. It was the company's card.

As far as tryouts go, I'm all in if they'll give me a look. In fact, I'll sign for half of what Mike Hampton makes and can promise the same productivity. That's a deal.

The odds of me finding a hat to fit my cranium (I believe that is what you meant) are about as good as you winning the drawing at the game. Pretty lousy.

I've wasted more money in hats that don't fit than you have on the craps table. I can't make up my losses in free drinks either.

Listen to you bringing the Bulldog smack. I would be surprised if you could name one player off of their football team.

I would tell you to stick with the Aggies but if the Utah State was my team I wouldn't want to admit it either.

It was good seeing you bud.

SittinDeadRed said...

Dr. P,

To be honest I'm not much of a fan of any team in particular. I am a fan of the game, and follow the individual players more than I do any specific team.

I have always liked Chipper Jones. In my opinion he is the most rounded player in the MLB. I have always liked the guys on the pitching staff as well. Maybe it was the "chicks dig the long ball" commercial that made me like them.

I was really hoping that Glavine was going to get the nod. I didn't realize that he was on the DL. If I could have seen him pitch I would have seen he and Maddux both pitch this year.

If I had a vote to cast I would put Smoltz in the Hall of Fame. That guy is a great pitcher and and real class act.

Not really a Braves fan but I did have a great time cheering them on the other night.

You die hards really need to make the trip out sometime to see a game at turner field.

Tikes said...

SDR.....Props to you for tasting the celestial kingdom while still mortal...I have yet to make it to Turner field...but I will. I promise. By the way...there is no doubt as to Smoltz' fate...he is in, and so is Glavine. I think that Larry makes it too, just because he is one of the best switch hitters ever. I am glad you got to see the one win they could muster while the worst team in the division was in town.

I have a couple of layovers in the ATL coming up...its too bad they are only like 23 minutes instead of 23 hours.

Fat One said...

I love it, as passionate about basketball as I am, going to the ball park to see the majors is the best sporting activity to attend in my opinion. I am fortunate enough to be good friends with the guy who runs the sports station (Ryan Hatch formerly of 1280 the Zone in Utah) here in Phoenix and I get to go to Chase Field quite often. This week I saw the Dodgers twice and the Cubs v D-backs pitching duel tonight. Utah needs to get a team soon, I believe that is the next professional sport that should come. However, after the debacle trying to get public funding for my uncle's soccer stadium, I believe investors are going to shy away. As much as you all probably hate soccer, it will be a boon to Utah's economy. In fact when I was working for my uncle and Real, the team brought in a national team game that brought an estimated 25 million dollars into Utah's economy. Instead of a world class stadium that would bring in more such events, the legislatures of Salt Lake City wanted to spend the Hotel tax on an arts district. Seriously, what is better for the economy. Watch how many restaurants and other companies crop up around the Sandy stadium. Anyways, the point of this rant is... well I don't know, but I do like the pics Shaner

Tikes said...

We are going to be in Phoenix when the Braves are in town, what can you (through Ryan Hatch) hook us up with?....friends of a friend? We already have tickets to the game (above the visitor dugout)so I was thinking field passes for the Braves side or a meet and greet with Chipper, Frenchy, Glavine, and John Smoltz would be alright...go ahead and get that taken care of. Thanks.