Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get your tickets while they last!

The hardest thing about scoring a ticket to this game will be finding the time to go to the local high school for the spirit rally to pick up your free tickets.  

BYU hater first, Ute Fan second.  That is how it goes with those that follow athletics (if you want to call them that) that take place up on the hill.

While sitting in Elders quorum today, I overheard UteFan going off on how lame BYU is for scheduling a Division 1 FCS (Football Championship Subdivision/formerly 1-AA) opponent.  When I asked him how he felt to have the mighty Weber State Wildcats (also 1-AA) rolling into Rice Eccles this season he had no idea what I was talking about.  He didn't even know his own teams schedule.

Should I be surprised that he didn't even know who was coming into town to take on the Utes? No.  In fact, I would be even more surprised to learn that he could actually find his way to Rice Eccles to see a game, considering the fact that to be a Ute fan doesn't mean you have to actually go watch them in person.  UteFan doesn't attend games.  It's not part of his culture. 

Is it ignorance that makes the Yewt overlook the patsies on their schedule, or is it that their hypocrisy knows no bounds?  

Weber State belongs to the Big Sky Conference.  It's the same conference that provided the real barn burner up at Rice Eccles back in 2006 when the mighty Northern Arizona Lumberjacks came to town.   

Before Utefan goes off on me about their strength of schedule this year, let me point out once again that it is nearly identical to the Cougars schedule.  Both teams have conference play, both teams play Utah State, both teams have a division 1 FCS team on the schedule, and both have 2 games against average teams from one of the Big Six BCS conferences.  

I'll give the Utes some credit for having the cahones to go to the big house and take on Michigan.  But, lets be honest here.  You guys got bought.  You are the Wolverines patsy.  They don't respect you, and if they did the Utes could have demanded a home and home or said no deal.  I think in the end it could actually work in the Utes favor when Michigan over looks them.  I really think that the Utes will go into Ann Arbor and get the win, but at the end of the year it will be a win over a great, storied program having a lousy, rebuilding year.

OSU is no different of a schedule than that of Washington or UCLA.  Over the years all three teams have been average Pac Ten teams, with some years being better and some worse than others.  OSU is in rebuilding mode and will be lucky to finish over 500.  Again, at the end of the year it won't be a win worth bragging about, that is if the Utes don't choke at home.

Unwar the hypocritical/ignorant Ute fan who brings the Division 1-AA smack.  By doing so you prove how weak you really are.

Go Cougs!   


Dr. P said...

Charge: "UteFan doesn't attend games. It's not part of his culture."


I cannot defend UteFan in your EQ today, nor would I want to. But to present it as though every UteFan is like that is a stretch. Besides, doesnt the mere fact that a UteFan even went to EQ or church totally destroy the perception of UteFan in 90% of CougarFans?

Tikes said...

I am not a Ute fan, nor a BYU fan, so this is an objective view of the attendees of each stadium..and yes I have been to both.

BYU...lots of really old people and the student section.

Utah...lots of young and middle aged people.

UNC...lots of awesome people.

SittinDeadRed said...

26,000? I think Bronco gets at least that many people out to his Friday night fireside.

All that linked proved to me is yet another area where the Utes are inferior to the Cougars.

UteFan in my EQ is actually the best instructor as well. He gives great lessons. Go figure.

At what age Tikes is one to old to be a fan? Props to the Cougar fans for sticking with the team till death. The person I enjoy watching the games with most is in his seventies.

UNC? How would you know? When was the last time you made it back to Chapel Hill?

BonesawLtd said...

I haven't been a big contributor to this blog yet, but I just have to comment on this one. Unfortunately for the utes, there will probably be no way that Michigan will overlook this game especially after last year's loss to 1-AA Appalachian State.

I used to say that I rooted for the utes in non-conference games. However the post above and some of the crap I'm hearing from the ute fans at work, I no longer feel that way. I don't care about conference legitimacy anymore...they don't need me rooting for them.