Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get that out of here!

Last night Brian and I met up at the ESA to watch the Jazz take on the Rockets.  It very well could have been a preview of what we'll see in the first round of the playoffs.  I hope so.  I think the Jazz match up well against them.

It is amazing how close the western conference is.  Teams 1 through 6 are only separated by two games.  Should the Jazz care who they get matched up against in the first round?  Is it going to matter or is every series going to be a dog fight because the teams are so closely matched?

I think it does matter.  I would like to see the Jazz matched up against the Rockets or maybe even the Suns.  I think against either team they would advance to the next round.  The Spurs however still make me nervous mainly because of the fact that the Jazz can't seem to win down in San Antonio.  Hopefully that will change tomorrow.

Either way it should be exciting.  I'm more stoked for these playoffs than I have been since the championship runs in the late 90's.  As Bolerjack would say, "buckle up, it should be a wild ride."

What are the odds of the Angry Black Man getting out of the first round?