Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Mr. Williams to you!

Did any of you catch T-Mac's post game interview? That guy has an ego as large as the state he calls home.  

A reporter asked him about the game plan that the Jazz had in place to slow him down.  He said that they played him more physical in game four than any of the rest and that they were putting a body on him as soon as he crossed mid court.  When asked if it had any affect on his play he said no.  It didn't matter what they did he still got his shots.  He got his shots all right, 25 of them in fact, but because of the pressure put on him by the Jazz he only made 9 of them.  You keep shooting T-Mac, shooting your team right out of the game.

The guy disappears when it matters most.  In the fourth quarter of game #4 he scored 4 points.  He had one layup and the rest of his points came on foul shots of which he went 2/4.  I loved it when he clanked a foul shot hard off the rim as the fans chanted over-rated.  For the game he only shot 50% as well from the line.  

He also had his pocket picked by Harpering in the fourth which led to points on the other end.  Like he said though, the defensive pressure had no affect on his game.   

The guy wasn't about to give the Jazz any credit.  But that was only the half of it.  He was asked about the rebound Memo got after Williams missed a couple of free throws at the end of the game.  He took the opportunity to blame a teammate for not grabbing the ball after he had tipped it to him, he then threw his coach under the bus for having the wrong guys in the game.  He then had to stop in his answer to get clarification on whether to pronounce Williams' name Deron or Da-ron. What a punk. 

You think he really didn't know how to pronounce Deron's name?  They have been going up against each other for three years.  If he doesn't know how to pronounce Deron by now it is because he isn't all that smart.  He was taking a shot at D-Will for missing the FT's.  The guy bothers me.  I will take much pleasure in watching him get bumped from the playoffs in the first round yet once again.  How many will that make?  Seven?  

The best sign of the night in the crowd had to be the one that had a picture of him in a golf shirt and the caption "Second Round Virgin."  I got a good laugh out of that one.