Thursday, April 17, 2008

March Madness NBA Style

We should start our predictions for the playoffs. Here are mine:
1st Round
Lakers over the Stank Nuggets 5 games
Mavs over New Orleans (Insert comment on Bush creating Hurricane Katrina) in 7 games
Suns over San Antonio (bowen is as dirty as USU's football team's personal lives) 6 games
Jazz over Houston (Mcgrady cements his legacy as the worst playoff player in history) 6 games

Boston over Atlanta 4 games (Atlanta could have had Paul or D-Will, ouch)
Detroit over Philly 5 games (Yawn)
Orlando over Toronto 7 games (Bigger Yawn)
Lebron over Washington 6 games (Would these teams have made the playoffs in the west)

Second Round
Jazz beat the Lakers 6 games (I'm such a friggin homer)
Suns over the Mavs 5 games (Mark Cuban must kick himself every day for letting Nash go 4 years ago because "his best years were behind him" Good luck with J Kidd, I remeber watching him play college ball when I was in Junior High School)

Boston over Cleveland 5 games
Detroit over Orlando 5 games

Conference Finals
Jazz beat the Suns 6 games (by this time Shaq and Grant Hill will be broken down and be in street clothes)

Boston over Detroit 7 games (still a boring series)

Boston over Utah 6 games (once again the Jazz fall just short. Thankfully this time I will be in the country to see them in the finals.)

Random Odds
2:1 AK-47 becomes a distraction
3:1 AK cries
2:1 Karl Malone secretly cheers against the Jazz
A sure bet=Karl Malone is interviewed and he talks in third person


Skinny One said...

I'm on the road now but when I get a chance I'll post up my predicitons.

I'm in Yakima and just had breakfast with Rock. He's going to join us on here and give us a Washington perspective. He said he looks forward to talking with you guys.

Fat One said...

You met Kid Rock in Yakima? That's awesome, bawidabadabangdabangdigidigi digi said da digi said up jump the bogey, my naaammmmeeee is KKKKIIIIIIIDDDDDDDD ROOOOOCK!

Skinny One said...

Alirght, now to my picks.

I won't even bother with the eastern conference. I have a hard time giving attention to any teams that don't even have a winning record. In my opinion it is between the Celtics and Pistons with Boston advancing to the finals.

Out west, it is too close to call but I'll give it a shot.

Lakers vs. Nuggets-
As much as I would like Denver to win so they could move on to be dominated by the Jazz, I don't think it will happen. The only thing you can count on from the Nuggets is cheap fouls and arrest warrants. Lakers in 5.

Hornets vs. Mavs-
This is a hard one for me. I hesitate to give the Hornets any credit until they prove themselves in the playoffs. This might be their opportunity. Because of that I tend to give the Mavs with a rejuviated Dirk the nod, however after last years first round exit I just don't know. I am going to say Mavs take it in six games.

Spurs vs. Suns-
I have been watching some of the first game but my mind was made up before tipoff anyways. I think the Spurs will advance. I don't think the addition of the Shaq will be enough to get the suns over the hump, mainly because he won't be on the court enough to be effective. It's hard to contribute when your on the bench in foul trouble. I hope I am wrong. I can't stand watching the Spurs and all their flops. Spurs in 7.

Jazz vs. Rockets-
I am a Homer, but even then my opinion is consistent with most analysts who don't share my biased view. The Jazz will take this one. I am predicting a split down in Houston from the first two games and then the Jazz holding their own on the home court. Jazz take this series in 6 games.

I will stick with the first round for now and give a second round prediction when the time comes.

Things sure to happen in round one-
Tim "fish eyes" Duncan will throw his arms up on every touch and complain he got fouled.
Manu and Tony P. will fall on the floor everytime they take it to the hole.
Tracy McGrady will look angry 90% of the time.
Steve Nash will get a nose bleed.
Boozer will get a double double and Boller and Boone will spend half the telcast talking about it.

That's all I have for now.