Sunday, July 27, 2008

CJ Miles is the Antichrist...

So we now have CJ Miles for $15 million. That's great. Let me tell you why I hate this move. We have two proven players in Brewer and Milsap who are going to need deals done within the timeframe that Miles' deal goes. We are already strapped for salary with Okur, AK, Boozer (I know may be gone after this year), and now Williams. Miles has been in the league for 3 years and hasn't broken through to that next level of being a go-to guy, so why not let him go to the Thunder from Down Under in Oklahoma and focus on other players that are up and coming. You already know what you are going to get from CJ and no one knows better than Jerry Sloan. So I have a bone to pick with anyone ripping Jerry Sloan about being a detriment to his players - He hasn't been a detriment to Paul Milsap who got significant playing time his rookie season, and he hasn't been a detriment to Ronnie Brewer who is a starter in his second season. Enough with the Sloan bashing. This is a damn good coach who has an eye for talent and recognizes what the best thing for his team is. So basically, if you rip on Jerry Sloan, your credibility is shot and you are an idiot. CJ Miles doesn't come to the Rocky Mountain Review because he is "worried about getting injured". Listen CJ, why don't you start worrying about getting better, enhancing your career, or maybe getting a few less DNP's instead.

I can think of a lot of things I would have spent $15 million on before resigning CJ...More Jazz Girls, a bigger cannon for the Bear to shoot stuff at the crowd, and a supply of new nets, just in case.

We will be talking about how bad this was for the Jazz in a couple of years when big free agents have come and gone. At least we'll still have CJ, my candidate for 13th man of the year.


Tikes said...

I must have missed the part where you provided solid comparisons between CJ and Korihor.

SittinDeadRed said...

A waste of money if you ask me. He'll end up sitting on the bench all year on Sloan's S list, except this time it will cost the Jazz a lot more money. They should have let him go.

SittinDeadRed said...


You just got to read between the lines. It's there.