Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quest for Redemption!

Within minutes of the start of the BYU/TCU game I knew that the Cougars were in for a very long night. The last time I felt that way watching a game was last season when BYU came out and lost the momentum early on against Tulsa. It was frustrating to say the least to watch as BYU fell further and further behind in that game with absolutely no answer to stop TCU. BYU came out flat and TCU was playing out of their heads.

What was learned from that night? It depends on who you ask.

Is TCU the powerhouse that they appeared to be? And conversely, is BYU nothing more than just an average team that was exposed for who they really are.

TCU is obviously capable of playing well. They showed that against the Y. I think they are a solid team but I think Thursday night was more the exception than the norm. Their defense is outstanding but their offense has been suspect at times. I think they will finish the season with a good record but I don't think they will get through conference play undefeated. I think when they travel to RES that they will be in for a battle that will give them a loss in league play.

After the loss, everybody placed blame for the loss on the fact that TCU has better athletes than they Y. That's definitly the case, but come on, who doesn't? UCLA had better athletes. Washington had better athletes. Almost every team BYU goes against the argument could be made that they have better athletes.

BYU has proven that over the years they can compete and beat teams with better athletes than themselves. I do believe TCU's atheleticism contributed in part to the loss, but I think the main factor that caused the complete lapse in play was lack of preparation.

By not practicing on Sunday and having to travel on Wednesday to play Thursday, it essentially left BYU two days to prepare for the game. Contrast that with the fact that coach Patterson said that his team had be preparing for BYU since January. When looking ahead to the season, the game against BYU was more important to them than playing well against #1 Oklahoma. Their tackling dummies had BYU stickers on them. This was their big game.

BYU had a big Bullseye on their back and the Frogs hit the center of the target. I'm not trying to make excuses for the Cougars. It was Bronco's responsibility to make sure his team was ready and he admittedly said that he let them down by not getting them prepared to play.

So back to the question. Was this game an indication of what type of team BYU really is? Are they really that bad? I don't think so. They obviously can play down to that level if they come in unprepared, but we have seen also what they can do when things come together. I believe we saw a good team have an off night. It happens.

To all you BYU fans who have given up on this season, don't. The BCS hype is over, sure. But there is still a lot to play for including a possible share in the conference championsip, a win over the rival Utes, a bowl bid, and most importantly they can set themselves up for next year. If they can run the table the rest of the season they will be going into next year in a position even better than the one they started this year with. Not only will they have the whole offense coming back, but they will have the majority of their defense returning as well.

Is that enough to motivate the Cougars as well as their fans. For me it is. I expect the Y to come out with a chip on their shoulders and finish the season strong. I think at the end of the year we'll look back on a one loss season which will be an improvement over last year's record, a top 20 ranking for the third consecutive time in as many years, and an optimistic outlook towards next season for what possiblilities lay in store for this team.

Will it happen? We'll see. Either way I'll be their to cheer on the mighty Cougs in their Quest for Redemption.

Their Quest begins Saturday. Bring on the Rebels.


Tikes said...

To me it just feels like a broken record. Not you SDR, but the whole quest deal. It seems like every year its the same thing...BYU starts out great...all the homers make this BCS noise and plan on going undefeated and then they blow any chance of it by beating themselves. Just like when Hawaii killed them, and just like losing to Tulsa...

They are not alone. Just like with UNC vs. Kansas in the final four last year. From the tip, you knew Kansas came to play and UNC didn't. Some teams just can't get it done. (So far Psycho T and co. are in that category...and if they don't win it all this year, they will quite possibly the best team never to do so). Does that mean they aren't good? No. It does mean that they lacked a critical element of a championship team.

Ohio State is the same way. They crumble every time they play a powerhouse like USC.

Dr. P said...

I also think that the one thing BYU lacked was fire. they had none. TCU wanted to win more than BYU did. regardless of athletesism. BYU should have come in there expecting to win, and played with an urgency. I think they folded after TCU hit them in the mouth. They should recover and play better next week, but good teams should not have to turn the switch back on. Utah has had halfs against Air force, UNLV, Michigan, and Oregon State just like BYU had during the whole game. luckily, they pulled out those games. It should not be the coach's responsibility to fire up the team, prepare for specific packages yes, but I dont know that TCU did anything other than play with heart.BYU should have been able to handle anything TCU had. Utah needs to learn from this as much as anyone. You cant expect to win just by showing up. you need to play with urgency. Brian Johnson is a good example of becoming complacent, and thinking too much. Corbin Louks is the exact opposite, he plays hard every down he plays.
unwar B.J.
war Corbin Louks

SittinDeadRed said...

You come to my blog and War a Ute? How do I allow that?

I'll let it slide only because this year I have gotten soft in my view of the rivalry. I still haven't got back to my old form of hating everything red. I'm getting there though. That, and you unwared Brian Johnson. I think it's funny you Utes are hounding the guy so hard. I've never seen a QB go 8-0 and still be hated so bad by his fans.


Your knack for interjecting UNC into every comment is quite impressive. I am surprised that you can be such a fan even though the school is thousands of miles away. I don't understand it but can respect it anyways.

Tikes said...

the braves aren't exactly next door either. you love who you love...and it is what it is.

war me typing this comment from my mobile device

Tobias Maximus said...


You probebly don't know who I am. I must admire your love for your team, the team down south, while being ripped by team awesome for it. I too have been ripped for my love of my MLB team. I am a Ute fan, but I was wanting BYU to win this game. I want BYU to win every game except for one... I think TCU was a great team, and a loss from a team like that is nothing to hang your head down low. Think what I had to go through when the Utes lost to UNLV last year. Anyways I am still looking forward to the 22nd of NOV 2009 in SLC. I will be there. Anyways I want to wish your team good luck in the Pointsetta Bowl.

Dr. P said...

SDR, if you were a Ute fan, and had to live with B.J. as your QB, you would feel the same. It shows that I am not a Ute Homer, but a Ute fan. when something or someone sucks I call them on it. no sugar coating.

SittinDeadRed said...

I'll take San Diego over Dallas where the Utes will be bowling after they drop 2 of their last four games. Fort Worth is a wonderful place to spend the Holidays. Have fun.

I believe I'm met you. If I remember right you filled in for us one night out in left field.

What can I say? You take the good with the bad as a fan. One loss and a little ball busting by Team A isn't going to sway me from my convictions.

Nov 22 should be a good day for football. If I can score a ticket I will be there as well. I'll look for you. What concession stand is Team Awesome selling hot dogs in?

Welcome to the blog T-Max.

SittinDeadRed said...


Even though you're a Ute, you're alright in my book. I like the no nonsense approach.

A rational Ute fan! Who would have thought?

Dr. P said...

changing opinions every day SDR, and I will agree that dropping two of the last four is possible unless B.J. shows up. If the air force, wyoming, UNLV, Oregon state B.J shows up, we could drop 3 of the last 4.