Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where Champions are made!

What does Harvey Unga and a set of flags have in common?  More than you might think.

A story broke today that came as no surprise to a lot of us here in Payson.  Obviously though, from the story, it was apparent that Bronco wasn't privy to the same information that we all had.

Harvey was unable to travel with the team to Fort Worth because there was a question of whether or not he was in compliance with NCAA regulations.  The item in doubt was whether or not he violated any rules by playing city league flag football.

For the last season and a half Harvey has not only been breaking tackles, catching passes and scoring touchdowns at LES, but has been doing the same exact things twice a week at the old Hillman Fields here in Payson.

You might wonder why an athlete, who plays on the biggest stage here in the state and has so much talent, would waste his time and risk it all on a flag football field.  I'll tell you why.  Because we're that good.

That's right.  He comes down here for the competition.  You can only become the best by playing against the best.  To those who might not understand the level of play that takes place here under the lights in Payson, you might read this story and automatically assume that he is a ringer.  You might come to the conclusion that he was brought down to guarantee his team a championship.  Well, I have two hoodies that say champion on the front that would argue otherwise.  

Sure he's a great flag football player, but he is no Payson City champion.  If an easy championship is what he wants he might as well stick to the MWC because nobody is going to hand it to him here just because he has graced us with his presence.  

You think the Utes or TCU have a tough D?  You think their intimidating?  Wait till you look across the line and go eye to eye with Jed McClellen, 2007 Defensive MVP.  Sure he's only 5'2", but don't let size fool you. Good luck trying to put a block on Hub when he comes in on a full out blitz.  Or try getting open for a pass with either Yama or Hooper covering you.  It won't happen. 

BYU hoodies are nice but real champions wear Skull and Crossbones.  I mean, come on, nothing defines football greatness like a pirate symbol embroidered across the front of a hoodie.  I got one in black and gray.  

I'm guessing Harvey's flag football days have come to an end.  He was able to catch up to the Cougars on a later commercial flight once they got word that no rules were violated, but I am sure Bronco isn't too happy about having his star running back risking injury with the likes of us.

That's alright.  He'll be just fine.  Even though there was so much more that he could develop skill wise in our league, he'll still go on and do great things.  In a way it's gratifying to know that we helped him get to where he is at today.

War the Fighting Cocks, back to back city league champions, for accomplishing something in football that Unga couldn't. 

Champions are made on the Hillman Fields, not ..... well, something like that anyways.


Dr. P said...

congratulations sdr, I know several of these warriors of whom you speak, and it was so nice to see yama and mcclellen be allowed to play this year, even though they did not meet the minimum height requirement. these guys have every right to play flag football, even if they are technically required to only sit in the back seat, and be in a booster seat. safety first.

Dr. P said...

let me be the first to offer my consolation for tonights game. TCU looked very good, and I think it came down to speed. TCU had it, BYU didnt. It shows that no one can count their chickens before they are hatched. Utah will suffer the same fate unless Brian Johnson plays consistently, which he has never done.

SittinDeadRed said...

Fortunately for Jed and Nick, Payson City doesn't discriminate.

TCU looked tough. Their defense absolutely shut BYU down, and the Cougs had no answer for their offense. In his post game interview, Bronco used the term "exposed" a number of times. I think it's fitting.

The last time BYU got exposed was against Tulsa. After that game they ran off 16 in a row. I will be interested to see how this team rebounds after this loss considering all the hype and BCS expectations.

They still have a shot at the conference title with a little help from some other teams. With a good win streak they could even finish in the top 25. Is that enough though to motivate this team? We'll see.

It was a tough game to watch, disappointing to say the least. It's not the first tough game though that I've had to sit through and I'm sure it won't be the last.