Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few thoughts-

-When the day started, I had no intentions of going to the football game.  My Dad's tickets were being used by one of my older brothers, and since I had been to every game so far I didn't put up too much of a fuss that not a single one was left for me.

Amanda and I had decided earlier in the week that since we weren't going to the game we would at least put on the game day gear and drive up to Wingers to catch the 1280's pre-game show.  Eating wings and watching some of the game there win Hans Olsen and Kevin Graham sounded better than staying at home and watching it on our little TV.

We apparently were the only ones who either didn't have tickets or even likes Hans Olsen because when we arrived the place was empty.  We couldn't have timed it any better because as we pulled into the parking lot they offered two tickets to the next fans to walk through the door and ask for them.  Those fans happened to be us.

Even though we had plans to chow on wings, now that we had tickets in hand and a 3 year old boy who really wanted to go, my amazing wife gladly dropped Kade and I off at the stadium and sent us on our way.  I'm lucky to have a wife who not only shares my love of BYU football but who can also appreciate my love of sharing it with my boy.  

The tickets weren't all that great, my boy seemed to pick the most inopportune moments to need to go to the bathroom (when Kade says he has to go you don't wait) and I realized when it was time to pay for our Team Awesome hot dog that I had left my debit card at Wingers.  Despite all that, we still had a great time.

I think most Dads could understand the enjoyment that comes from walking into the stadium with your teams colors on and listening to the excitement in your young boys voice as he takes it all in.  

I love being a Dad.

-Not much I want to say about the game other than I am glad the Cougs got the win. I was hoping they would come out with a little more fire and intensity, get an early lead and have the rebels put away going into the last quarter.

I was disappointed that they couldn't put UNLV away and that they kept trading touchdowns with them.  The offense played well but the defense seemed to struggle.  I was glad to see that when they needed a big stop at the end of the game the defense was able to pull through and keep them out of the endzone.  I would have been more happy though had they not even let it stay that close.

It wasn't pretty but at least it was a win.

-How bad does it suck that if no team from the MWC runs the table, the best bowl game that the conference can get is the Las Vegas Bowl against the fifth place team of a conference that was absolutely dominated by Mountain West teams?

Come on Craig Thompson, earn your money!  Is that the best we can do?  

Congratulations, if you don't go to Vegas then you get to play in the Poinsettia Bowl against Navy.  If that doesn't excite you, how about the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth?  Did I mention Albuquerque?  What about Boise in December?

The Bowl tie in's for the MWC absolutely blow.  I know the Utes and TCU both have a chance to still bust into the BCS, but looking at their schedules I think both teams will drop at least one between now and the end of the year.  At that point the conference will be left playing in the same lousy bowls against equally lousy opponents.

Looking on the bright side, at least nobody has to go to Memphis.  

-Four days to go until the Jazz start their regular season.  I don't multi task all that well so I spend most of my time watching the Cougars and at the end of the football season change my focus to the Jazz.  I have been keeping an eye on D-Will though and his health status.  The Jazz are fortunate that he only sprained his ankle.  Deron has said that when he initially rolled it he thought that he had sustained a season ending injury.  When it happened he heard a pop.

I think the Jazz will be alright in his absence with Price and Knight running the point.  They're obviously not nearly as good but I think they will get the job done.  It goes without saying though that all Jazz fans alike anxiously await the return of our franchise player.

-Any of you guys watching the "World Serious"? (Kade-ism)  I don't really care for either team but have enjoyed watching it anyways.  I am hoping that it goes 7 games.  I love October baseball.  In fact, I can't think of a better month for sports.  You know on any given Saturday in October that you will always have something good to watch on the TV.



Tikes said...

I would have preferred the wings to a Team Awesome dog...they boil them (the hot dogs)...I don't know if you knew that.

I have watched all the world series games, and they are pretty boring. Tonight (today) the
Phillies won the game in the 9th without getting a single hit. HBP, wild pitch-E2, IBB, IBB, infield hit. Nothing like the two best teams in the MLB playing each other...

Tikes said...

Longoria should have thrown him out at home...he had time. That is why I say they didn't have a hit, although the official scoring is probably an infield hit.

SittinDeadRed said...

That last play was a close one. I'm not sure he could have gotten the runner at home.

It almost looked like had he just let it go it would have gone foul. Who knows though?

Dr. P said...

the world series is on? huh? both teams suck, and are boring to watch. I also would not touch a team awesome dog with a ten foot pole. you should see the crap floating on the hot water those things get boiled in.