Thursday, November 20, 2008

BYU Offense vs. Utah Defense

I was going to link the article on the side but figured I would put it here so D.P. could give his take on it.  If any of you other guys have an opinion feel free to leave it as well.

BYU Offense vs. Utah Defense

I don't think this match-up is nearly as important as the Utes Offense vs. BYU's defense.  I think the Y's O will put up points but most likely not as many as usual.  They should still have a good game though. 

The Utes D is tough, and will most likely do a pretty good job of keeping BYU's offense in check.  They won't shut them down, but won't need to to be able to win the game.

These two sides have been consistent all year long and I expect the same on Saturday.


Tikes said...

I am not convinced that this rivalry ever comes down to anything other than grit. Even when the teams are not quite so evenly matched....(last year) ends up being a nail biter...because (if you ask me), Utah is a little more back alley bully than BYU. They aren't afraid to get dirty and nasty...BYU has a tendency to try to be floaty and perfect (religious stereotype and reputation doesn't help)...where Utah will just punch you in the face. It comes down to who makes a big play or a big mistake. Not always who has the better team.

SittinDeadRed said...

I would like to see the Cougs come to play with a little more nastiness.

I would love to see them fired up, play with some emotion. It's been missing since about the UCLA game.

I am hoping the rivalry will bring it out in them.

Dr. P said...

it should, and I dont know if the person who wrote that article has ever watched a BYU or Utah game this year. For instance, BYU will not try and beat you on the ground, ever. ask how that worked out for the best run defense in the MT west TCU. Utah's run defense is almost as good as TCU's. size doesnt matter. TCU wasnt huge, just fast. sound familiar? If BYU wants to run 3-4 yds a carry and pass to the backs out of the backfield all day, that will be fine, that is not how they have won in the past, and it will slow the game down, and make it into a dogfight. What makes me worry more than anything is Andy Ludwig and Brian Johnson. I hope they dont get too greedy trying to expose BYU's secondary and go deep every play. that hasnt worked all year, and it wont on saturday.

SittinDeadRed said...

If BYU runs 3-4 yards per carry and can hit Unga on the short passes out of the backfield the Utes D. is in for a long day. If the Utes have to respect the run that will only make the pass that much better.

I think you're underestimating the importance of a BYU run game. They won't beat Utah around the edges but have the power to go up the middle against the Utes undersized Defensive line.

The Cougs have averaged nearly 130 yards on the ground/game this year. The pass is definitely their bread and butter, but they won't abandon the run.

A lot of people felt that was a major problem in the TCU game. Anae took quite a bit of criticism by the local talking heads for having given up on the ground game too quickly. BYU started running the ball, had success doing it, but went almost entirely to the pass.

If BYU has to rely solely on the pass against the Utes, the results of the game will be similar to the TCU game.

Ute fans better hope that BYU doesn't put together a good run game.

BYU's O vs. Utah's D. should be a great match up.