Saturday, November 15, 2008

On a wing and a prayer!

When the Air Force Academy came to town it was always one of my most favorite games to go to.  Only because I knew that there would be a fly over prior to the game starting.  Watching Air Force run their offense is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but the thrill of seeing a military jet so up close and personal and to be able to feel the power of the engine as it reverberated through my body is a highlight of my Cougar Football memories.  To be honest I still get excited for it even now.

This years match up between the two teams takes place on the road in Colorado Springs.  BYU's performance on the road so far this year has been less than stellar, the Falcons are playing some good football and even though I should be nervous for this game, surprisingly I am not.  I might eat my words by tomorrow, but I think BYU will come out of this with a convincing win.

BYU has traditionally matched up well against AF and I don't think this year will be any different.  It's no secret what Air Force will try to accomplish on offense.  They are primarily a run offense that tries to control the clock as well as set the tempo of the game.  Fortunately, if BYU has a strength on Defense it is their ability to stop the run.  Their front seven is pretty stout and as long as they keep to their assignments they should be able to keep the Falcons in check.  

AF does have a passing game but I don't think it's strong enough to really take advantage of the Y's weakness in the secondary position.  I think BYU can cover the pass well, especially if they put the Falcons is situations where they know a pass is coming, like third and long plays.  AF is capable of catching a team off guard with a little play action pass.  They proved that against CSU this last week, but they won't win the game by straying to far away from what they do best which is run it down the defense's throat.

I will give the Falcons offense the advantage over BYU's defense but it won't be enough to claim victory in the end.

I think Max Hall will have a good day tomorrow.  The Falcon's have a good defense but it won't be enough to keep the Cougars from getting in the end zone.  As far as athleticism goes both teams are evenly matched with BYU being better in the skilled positions.  I think they will be able to put together a balanced attack and in the end it will show by at least 10 points on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

These last two games for BYU are going to be tough.  Air Force is good enough to beat BYU, there is no doubt about that, but I don't think it will happen.  Bronco has had time to prepare his guys, they have proven over the years to be a disciplined group and I expect good position mastery and good assignment football to get the job done.  I don't think BYU will have to rely on any "magic" to win this one.

If they can come home with a victory, the stage will be set for next weeks battle up on the hill.  

-As a side note, I made it to every home game this year and must say, it was kind of a boring, lackluster home schedule.  The only game that had any hype going into as being a tough game was the one against UCLA and it turned out to be anything but a nail biter.  

Four out of the six games were blow out wins by BYU.  The only game that BYU even trailed in was the UNLV game.  The Rebels took a fourth quarter lead and BYU had to make a sustained drive late in the game to ensure the win.  Other than that the games were never in question.

As a fan I'll definitely take the wins and cheer every good play, but every once in awhile it's fun to see your team get tested.  As fun as it is to watch BYU put up lots of points, the wins that you remember are the close ones that came down to the very end, ie. Utah (2001, 2006,20007), Miami, TCU (2007), etc.. 

Next season could be the opposite with possibly some pretty exciting games.  Florida State is scheduled to come to town, as well as conference opponents TCU, Utah and Air Force.  With ASU as well as possibly an opening date against Oklahoma, next season is shaping up to be a fun year for BYU fans. 

I guess I should worry about next year though after we get all the way through this season.    


Dr. P said...

when does next years actual schedule come out. will Oklahoma risk a game against BYU?

Tikes said...

So are the Air Force F-16's the ones responsible for you choosing to become a pilot?

Tikes said...

By the way....maybe Bronco could call up Butch Davis and do a home and home with UNC....if they dare.

SittinDeadRed said...

It was actually RC airplanes that planted the aviation bug in me, but I guess I probably appreciated the F-16's and KC 135's a little more than most because of it.

Are you being serious with the "risk" comment?

I would be all for a home and home with any BCS team. The problem is though getting teams to agree to come and play in LES or even RES. Alabama backed out of playing BYU here in Provo, Michigan would only agree to a home game against the Utes, I don't see any plans for Notre Dame to come to SLC to play Utah to even out their series.

I can't tell if you guys are being sarcastic or not but I think there is some truth in that BCS teams are not too eager to travel to play a team like BYU, Utah, TCU etc. on their home field.

I don't think Oklahoma would have any problem playing BYU just down the road in Dallas. It would essentially still be a home game for them.

Dr. P said...

My point was that for Oklahoma to play a BYU and risk their whole season with a potential loss would not make sense. Because of the way the BCS works, winning every game is the only way to secure your spot if you are from a BCS conference. For Oklahoma, they would be expected to beat BYU, and therefore, even if they do beat a good BYU team, no one will care, but if they lose, it is devastating. that is my point.

SittinDeadRed said...

I gotcha now.

I think the thing that cofused me was that you would give BYU credit enough to even have a chance to beat Oklahoma.

I was waiting for some comment about Oklahoma sceduling patsies.

I think it's a valid point. It goes right along with what I was saying about the sceduling problems and being able to schedule a home and home with a team.

Anymore they're fortunate if they can arrange a two for one deal. Otherwise, the only option left if you want to play a big name opponent is to travel. Utah has faced that very problem with scheduling Michigan and now Notre Dame.

I think Oklahoma would have less problem playing at a neutral site, especially when that sight is so close to home.