Thursday, November 6, 2008

A look back/ A look ahead....


This last Saturday the Y traveled to Fort Collins and came away with a win.  Like many of their games this season it wasn't pretty but they got the job done nonetheless.   It took a last minute drive of around 80 yards that ended with Pitta busting across the goal line after catching a pass from Hall to finally seal the deal with only 22 seconds left on the clock.

Many BYU fans were left frustrated and upset because the game was closer than they thought it should be.  The post game shows were full of BYU fans complaining about the play of the defense and how Bronco has let this team slide into the state that they find themselves.

If you are one of these fans and couldn't find anything worth cheering for in last Saturday's game you need to come back to reality.  The last five games are more of an indication of what this team's is all about as opposed to what the first four games led us to believe.  As Max Hall said they aren't as good as we all thought they were.  If you are still holding onto the BCS hype and top ten ranking you are delusional.

They are not the team we thought they were.  That's not to say that they are a bad team either though.  They're not great, but they're still pretty good.  The quest for perfection is dead but their is still plenty to play for.  The wins aren't always pretty but this team is still finding a way to win.  Heading into their tenth game with a 8-1 record and ranked in the top 20 in most polls is nothing to complain about.  BYU fans need to get over their disappointment of the TCU loss and realize that this year is still on track to end as a great season.  With a little help they could even still end with a share of the conference title.  

The CSU game was entertaining.  The offense moved the ball well and when put in a position to where they had to get a score they drove the length of the field and punched it in.  It was exciting football.  I enjoyed it.  You won't find me complaining about a win. 

The Cougs have three games left on their schedule, all three of which are winnable.  Their biggest test will come at the end of the season at RES against what has turned out to be a solid Running Ute team.  If they can get by San Diego State and Air Force unscathed that Nov 22 match-up still has the potential to be one of the biggest games this rivalry has seen.

With some key wins to finish the year, BYU will set themselves up to give the BCS another try next year.  With ASU and FSU on their schedule, and possibly opening up with Oklahoma in Dallas, the Cougs will face a tough road to the BCS, but if their ever was a BYU team mature enough to make that run, next years team will be it.  At least then nobody can discredit their SOS.

Kade and I have our tickets for this coming Saturday.  I expect a lopsided Cougar win over the bottom team of the MWC.  If things go well hopefully the starters will be out early so they can save themselves for a tough road game against what is always a scrappy Air Force team.

-Utah vs TCU to this point is probably the biggest game the MWC has ever had.  Hopefully it lives up to it's hype.  For a BYU fan it is a win-win situation.  The only way BYU has a shot at a share of the MWC is if Utah can knock off TCU.  If TCU wins, despite not having much of a chance of a shared championship, at least we can take consolation from watching the Utes get beat on the National Stage in front of everyone to see.  So, no matter who wins I'll be happy with the results.

If I were to make a guess I would say TCU takes it in a close one.  Dr. P. has me convinced that B.J. really isn't that great of a QB, and if his inconsistent play were to bite his team in the butt and cost them a win, tonight would be the game.  It should be a great defensive battle, but I'll go with the odds makers and say TCU wins by three, 17-14.     


Dr. P said...

its only the first quarter and I dont know if I can watch. Utah has already given up two big plays, and BJ is being BJ.

SittinDeadRed said...

They'll get composed. I still think it will be close.

SittinDeadRed said...

It's hard to win a game when you have your hands clenched around your own neck. What a choke job. TCU gift wrapped that game for the Utes.

There is no excuse to get down in scoring position 4 times and come away with nothing. Credit the Utes defense for coming up big with a couple of sacks that pushed the Frogs out of field goal range, but those two other misses were chip shots that should have been automatic. At least get one of the two. Someone needs to be on suicide watch for that kicker.

You got to be feeling pretty good about your chances if you are a Ute fan right about now.

The Cougars have a huge task ahead of them when they roll into RES to take on Utah. As much as it pains me to say it, this just might be the Utes year.

Dr. P said...

Its still a stretch SDR, the Utes have not had the rhythm that they had in 04. although they squeak out these games, they are not nearly as good as the original fiesta bowl team. They should win next week in san diego, but they still need to play well, which hasnt happened in several weeks. Then its the big one. It should be a big game, BYU will be up to try and spoil another possible BCS bowl for Utah. That one I know will be close.

SittinDeadRed said...

They might not be as good as the 04 team, but they are still pretty good.

Brian Johnson had a solid game. He played pretty conservatively but the fact that he had zero turnovers probably was the difference in this game. The Utes got three points off of a late first half pic that in the end made all the difference on the scoreboard.

I think you and BJ need to kiss and make up. He's the man of the hour on those late game drives.

That last game against the Y should be exciting.

Dr. P said...

the last game should. All rankings and previous games never matter in the Utah vs. BYU game, it will be good.