Monday, June 30, 2008

New Look

The new look of the website rocks, I like it. The only thing I would add is the names of regular contributors. I don't know who is who with all the aliases. That way I know who to smack talk at and how to throw low blows.
On another note, BYU has me excited for this year. Unfortunately I do not get to see many games down here in AZ. I should start a company to stream video cheaper than the one that exists. I could be going to all the games for the cost of buying what they have. How in the world did Utah get ranked ahead of BYU in that clowns pre-season rankings? This is coming from a Utah Alum, although I requested to be excommunicated from the Utes. That place is a joke.

Anybody but Obama in 08!!!


SittinDeadRed said...

I'm glad you like it.

I haven't quite decided if I completely like it or not, but it will do for now. If nothing else it represents better the teams I like that wear a shade of blue.

I've updated the names of those that have permission to post. As of now though only you, Elton, and I have been somewhat regular contributing members. Hopefully the others will start to come around once football and basketball seasons start again.

I know JP always has something to say about BYU, and Brian never misses a Utah Jazz discussion

I don't know if you know Elton (34/31). He is my hunting/fishing buddy. He lives here in my neighborhood. I"m sure I have told you about him.

Everyone else on the Home Team list you should already know.

Tikes, Ri-Bone, Dr. P. and Hub are a group of brothers that I play softball with. I'm sure you have seen some of their comments. I was introduced to them shortly after moving here to payson and over the years have played football, basketball and softball with each of them. They all love to play sports and hopefully will continue to share their opinions here with us.

Their blogs are listed in the blog nation.