Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Talking Points


You won't catch me very often blogging about women athletics. In fact, it's not very often that I even watch women play sports. (No offense ladies)  I don't care for the Lez-NBA (I know, they play better fundamental basketball), I don't enjoy gymnastics, and even get bored with women in bathing suits playing beach volleyball.

Without fail though Amanda and I tune in each year to watch the gals go at it on the softball diamond in the WCWS in Oklahoma City.  These chicks not only look good, but they tear it up out in the field as well. 

Congratulations to the She-Devils of ASU on winning their first national championship.  They pounded the Aggies of Texas A&M 11-0 for their second win in the best out of three series.  

Now the coverage moves on to Omaha for the men's series. Looking forward to that.

-More Softball: The team formerly known as Pirate Motor Sports (I know, it was news to me as well) had our weekly double header last night.  The first game we lost by the 15 run mercy rule.  How pathetic is that?  We lost to a team that is essentially the closest thing we have to a rival, Lift Rite Concrete.  Last time we played them we took it to them.  I guess this was there time for revenge.  We hit lousy and to their credit they hit very well.

In the second game 45 runs were scored between both teams with us winning by a margin of three points.  That's softball for you.  They were a good hitting team but we were able to hold them off during their last ups.  They left the bases loaded to finish the game.

Top 5 web gems

5. Not even a web gem.  In fact it would be the opposite of a web gem but, come on, how am I really suppose to come up with 5 actual gems in a city league softball game?  

Number 5 occurred when the first baseman for the other team missed a throw from I believe their shortstop (I'm not sure, I was too busy running) and it tagged me square in the side of my calf.  I have a softball sized welt (imagine that, hit by a softball and left with a softball size welt) on the side of my leg just below the knee.  I guess it's better there than my melon.  I know, Boo-Hoo.  I'll walk it off and rub some dirt on it.  I'll be ok.

4.  Casey (Tikes and Ri-Bone's brother) threw a strike to nail a dude out at home in game #1.  The ball was thrown on a line from out in right center.  Someday the word will get out not to run on that arm.  Very nice throw. 

3.  In game #2 J-rod called his own solo shot to lead off an inning.  Normally that would be a selfish thing to do, hit a home run with nobody on that results in us being up one on homers, but the fact that he called it we'll have to give him a pass.

2.  His next at bat, that same J-rod accidentally hit another homer to give us the first out of the inning because we were up one on home runs.  You're probably wondering why an out would be a gem.  I count it because I can't hit home runs even if I try and the dude steps up and accidentally goes deep.  I wish I had that bad of luck.  

Cole Bott knows what I am talking about.  Don't you Cole?  "Gone"

1.  And number one, our very own 34/31 (Elton) doing his best Derrick Fisher impersonation shows up part way through the second game.  The fans in attendance absolutely went wild when he stepped to the plate and on his very first cut of the year hit a stand up double out over left center.  It was magical.  

Good to have you back with us E. 

-NBA finals: Two days until they start.  I'll go on record now and say Lakers in six.  As much as I want the Celtics to win, I just don't see it happening.  

-Lastly: Not sports related, but funny.  If any of you have ever been to my wife's blog you may have noticed on the side bar her list of Kade-isms.  They're funny little sayings that my boy comes up with from time to time.  I thought his last one was great but I don't believe it is going to make it to her list so I'll include it here.

The other day we took our shih tzu Boo in to be groomed.  When she came home Kade decided he wanted to hold her.  Usually we call her affectionately Boo Boo or Boobers, our own little nickname for the dog.  That day, Kade decided her name was "Boobies."  Do you see where this is going?

So, the Kade-ism for the day was, "Dad, I want to hold Boobies."  Me too son.  Me too.


Tikes said...

Travis really did have a web gem...late in the game to stiffle a rally.

SittinDeadRed said...

Yes he did. I completely forgot about that one.

How about top 6 web gems/touch them all/plays of the day, with #1 being the diving catch out in right center by Travis to stifle a rally? It was a very nice catch.

Vanessa said...

You failed to mention your attendance of the Lions age 7-8 girls softball game. That rivals WCWS any day. A. Schmidt hit a couple bombs. (ok, really only to the pitcher's mound, but at least the didn't have to get out the dreaded tee!)

So sad I missed Elton's web gem. Who else could show up mid season, and hit so well on his first at bat? I'm not biased.


34/31 said...

You are right Shane, the crowd did go wild. All three of them.

Kade & Kendal's Mom said...

Looking forward the Men's College World Series.
I say let's got to Omaha.
Work is overrated.