Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talking Points

-Pirate Motor Sports went 1-1 tonight.  No real web gems that I remember.  Elton, Hub (Casey) and Worm touched em all.  Elton showed up again tonight in dramatic fashion and took his deep off the light post out in left field during his first at bat.  Hub (Casey) also went deep out to left center while trying to go opposite field.  Worm poured salt in the wound and hit a grand slam when we were up by almost twenty points.   

The best highlight of the night would have to be with Worm pitching.  He called his own shot for a three pitch inning and actually delivered on his promise. With that being our best highlight it's pretty easy to see that it was a slow night.

I had as many errors as good plays.  Can of corn anyone?  I've been giving them out a lot lately as well. 

-NBA finals: Go Celtics.  Enough said.

-Triple Crown: Looks like we'll have to wait yet another year to see if history will be made.  Big Brown looked out of it from the get go. (They should have kept him on the juice)  I thought the Jockey did the right thing by pulling up and taking it easy coming down the home stretch.  


Tikes said...

I thought the highlight of the night was all 7 of our players that showed up to a softball game.

SittinDeadRed said...

Yeah, how about that? I'm glad Ri-bone left the knaggers long enough to give us a chance to play. He was the night's MVP.

Speaking of him I had forgotten about his play there at pitcher. He had the closest thing to a web gem with that ball that glanced off him that he then dove on the ground to field with a under hand flip to first base. Not the prettiest play but pretty good hustle on his part to make it.

Ri-Bone said...

As long as the dude was out i'm good. My favorite part of this post was about Big Brown. I love that they all talked and called victory and that it wouldn't have even been close. I love that. Because it wasn't close. I could have outran that horse on foot... and I'm fat

Hub said...

Chad Johnson did it.