Thursday, June 19, 2008

Talking Points

- Phil Steele's preseason poll is out.  Not surprisingly he has BYU ranked at number 17.  Preseason polls are usually based on what the team did the year before and how many starters they have coming back.

Considering the fact that the Y finished in the top twenty two years in a row, have won the last two conference championships outright, and have 9 starters on offense returning, to be ranked #17 in my opinion is right about where they should be.  

The thing that surprised me though is that he has Utah ranked ahead of the Cougars at number 14.  I don't doubt that the Utes could be tough this year.  I don't expect them to be (I expect them to underachieve as usual), but that's not to say they don't have the talent to be good.  I wouldn't put them at 14 though.  

Even more unbelievable is seeing Notre Dame at #19.  Put down the crack pipe Phil.

-Pirate Motor Sports went 1-1 on this last weeks double header.  Elton (34/31) and Travis both went yard and both had the web gems of the evening.  Elton made a nice basket catch over his shoulder at 2nd to take away bush league single, and Travis made a nice running catch at the wall to rob what would have been an extra base hit.  Ri-bone flexed his muscles at the plate as well and put one out.  

-How many of you watched El Tigre this last weekend.  The guy is flat out amazing.  I don't usually watch golf but I found myself intrigued watching him and Rocco  go at it in the playoff on Monday.  It was definitely entertaining.  Sounds like he is done for the year.  Hopefully there is no long term damage from pushing it the way he did.

-I just have to say how much enjoyment it brought me to learn that the Lakers had lost the series.  I didn't get to watch the last game but was very pleased to learn that Kobe and company got blown out to end their season.  Paul Pierce was the man, definitely deserving of being named Finals MVP.

Where's Lunch Box? 

-Another team gone in the CWS.  Stanford knocked off Miami last night to eliminate them from the tournament.  Tikes and Goodness are the last two standing.  There hopes lie on a Carolina team that is facing elimination themselves.  Can they get it done?  They have to beat LSU this evening and  then go on and get two in a row from Fresno State.  It's a tough task ahead but they definitely have the talent to pull it off.  JP's prediction of a final series against Stanford might turn out to be prophetic.  It could be the difference in the tie breaker.



34/31 said...

You should change your name to sittin dead blue, because it is apparent how much you hate the U.
As you can see the experts pick the U over the Y so be ready.

Tikes said...

I am just glad UNC had a grand slam up its sleeve in the top of the ninth.

That is the momentum swing we needed to send us through to the championship. We will go on a 4 game streak to win it all.

Tikes said...

Uh oh....don't look now, but UNC just beat Fresno to even it up going in to tomorrow.....

Clutch home runs and UNC's experience might pay off.

SittinDeadRed said...


My feelings for the Utes has never been a secret. The only thing I am ready for from the U is another mediocre year and excuses from their fans of why they are a better team than what their record shows.


Homeruns at the end of each game to get it done. Could their luck be running out?

I actually think Carolina wins today to advance to the final series vs. Georgia. Good teams find a way to win with guys stepping up in the clutch when their team needs them the most. Carolina has had players do just that.

They are a good team. I think they finally get over the hump this year.

Goodness and I are talking about having a BBQ at my place tuesday to watch the game. Anyone else want in?

34/31 said...

You'll miss us, we'll be chillin' with the bears in Yellowstone.

34/31 said...

And PS, how many BCS bowl games has BYU been to? Exactly.

Dr. P said...

Who broke the BCS first? I dont think it was any team with any shade of blue.

SittinDeadRed said...

If you really want to talk about who has done what we can.

How many national championships do the Utes have? How about conference championships? Surely they have more than a couple of those right? When was the last time they produced a Heisman Trophy winner? How about a hall of famer?

The Utes have had one great year. Nothing spectacular before and mediocrity since. You must be proud.

Stick with basketball guys because in this state it will always be BYU football and then everyone else.

SittinDeadRed said...

Carolina is out of the tournament. They just got beat 6-1 by Fresno State. That leaves Georgia and Fresno State to play for the national championship.

With the loss of Carolina everyone that had a pick on here has now been eliminated.