Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talking Points

-Pirate Motor Sports went 2-0 last night in our weekly double header.  Our bats came alive and for the most part everyone played pretty well.  We only had nine guys show up but still were able to get the wins in both games.  

I couldn't hold on to a ball to save my life.  I knew that my play was pretty pathetic when after catching a routine pop up in the infield (a real can of corn) Ri-bone tried to make me feel better by telling me I had just redeemed myself.  How weak is that.  What makes it even worse is that I dang near dropped that one also.  I'm thinking about trading my glove in for a new one. (it's got to be the glove right?)  I think Mickey might have just what I'm looking for.  

It'll make turning the double play a little difficult when I try to get the ball out of the glove.  That's alright though.  It's not the getting the ball out of my glove that is the problem right now.

The Alexander brothers came to play.  Both Tikes and Ri-bone pounded the ball well and both had good games in the field.  Riley was a black hole their at shortstop having a real solid performance for the night, and Tikes made the play of the evening stopping a hard hit ball at third for the final out of the second game.  Hub made a pretty amazing catch out in left field as well.  After getting turned around a little he was able to get the glove up and still haul it in.

The best throw of the night came from out in center field.  J-rod bated a dude into trying to get to third when he should have stopped at second.  The throw was dead on and the guy never had a chance.  Real nice play.

The funniest moment of the night was when Ri-bone drove one on a line out over the fence.  We were up one on homers so, despite being a great hit, it was still an out.  No big deal.  Everyone still congratulated him for hitting it so hard.  Two batters later J-rod steps to the plate.  He hits a towering shot out over the center field wall which also, in the end, was an out.  Even though the result was no different than Ri-bones, J-rod took a pretty good lashing from the Alexander posse sitting on the bench.  I thought it was pretty funny.  He's getting quite the reputation of going deep when it counts the least.

Next week the tournament begins.  Hopefully we can get after it early and get a good start this year.  

-The CWS is winding down.  As I type Fresno State has come back after trailing 5-0 to start the game, and have put up 11 runs to take an 11-6 lead.  This is an elimination game for Fresno State.  Hopefully they can hang on to push this thing to a game #3.  As they already have proven though a five run lead doesn't mean much in Omaha.

Pretty slow week.  That's all I got.



Tikes said...

Pretty much I had two bombs and a web gem. My web gem was as good as Mendonca's play at third...dude is a dynamo.

Ri-Bone said...

I forgot who had two bombs including a grand slam... wait I remember, it was me.