Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Game #5 Preview- How bad is that back really?

Bryant's sore back still painful, but much better.

Sounds like Kobe is still in quite a bit of pain.  As much as I hope his back slows him down, I am expecting Kobe to still come out and get his points.  Hopefully though, it takes him 30+ shots to get his 30 some odd points like it did in game #4.  One area I could see him still hurting the Jazz despite the bad back is at the foul line.  Their is no doubt that he is going to get the calls tonight with the game being at the Staple Center.  

I still think the key is in controlling the role players, specifically the bench.  Their bench plays well at home (similar to the Jazz's bench) and hurt the Jazz in the first two games.  If the Jazz can limit their production, as well as get some good bench play from their own guys, I think they win this game.  It's going to take a complete game by the Jazz, everyone included.  They can't take any quarters off like they did last time they were in LA.  Sounds pretty obvious, huh?  Obvious isn't always simple though.  

Somebody put a body on Fisher as well.  If somebody is going to beat the Jazz, please let it be someone other than him.  I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time he shoots because in this series he has rarely missed.  I don't want to hear the reports that will come if Fisher is the one to step up and bury his old team with an ailing Kobe.

The odds are still stacked against the Jazz in this series.  Somebody always beats the odds though.  Might as well be the Jazz.  Can they win?  I think so.  It's going to be tough but they can do it.  Tonight is as good as any to get that road win that they need to advance in this series.

Go Jazz!  


Agent_Scarn said...

Is memo playing tonight. I could have sworn in the D News it said that he would be in street clothes. If that is the case then the Jazz may be in for all they can handle.

SittinDeadRed said...

I know his achilles is bothering him.

It's half-time now and so far offensively he has done ok. They're all missing some rebounds they should have had though. What's up with all the turnovers.