Friday, May 16, 2008

monson of the trib

Monson is a fool, he is such an arrogant, pugnacious, holier-than-thou ass that I cannot stand it. I was bothered when I used to listen to him in SLC and he would claim every ten minutes that, "I'm not a fan." He would use this to try and give credibility to his argument. He would insinuate that a fan means fanatic, which in turn means that they see a biased view of the game and therefore anything they say can be excused as misappropriated passion. I moved to Phoenix thinking that this must be the M.O. of all sports talk personalities, but I quickly found out that this is not true. The hosts down here really cheer on the local teams and want and wish for their success. They at times even say "we" when they are talking about a professional team here in the valley of the sun. This email was set off by Monsons column on the refs and the Jazz fans stupidity in believing that the refs were bad in game 5. He tries to come off logical and objective with an outsiders view, but he ends up showing how big of an idiot he is. I could tear apart his whole column, but I will suffice myself with one single point. He claims that if there was a corrupt official then everyone around him would know and he would be outed immediately which would in turn lead to the demise of the NBA. Are you kidding me? There was an example last year of an official manipulating games for mobsters. He did this for years and got away with it. He was regarded as a good referee. Monson even has the gall to mention Tim Doughnhey briefly to supposedly support his argument at the end of his column. Are you kidding me!!!! He is a fool, I worked with him for a while and sat by his desk at 1280 and he is even worse in person. I have no respect for him. That being said, I do not think the refs were the reason the Jazz lost. I put the blame on Boozer and lack of execution when they had the opportunity to take the lead. Did the refs blow the calls at the end? Yes they did numerous times, but I think players ultimately decide the game. Would the NBA prefer the Lakers to be in the finals? Yes they would, they would want the Lakers against the Celtics. The make big time bucks off of advertising dollars which are determined by television ratings. The Ls and Cs would be by far the most profitable for the NBA. YEs the NBA and David Stern have a preference on who plays the finals. Did Stern instruct the officials? Most likely no, but to denigrate Jazz fans for questioning is not right, and Monson once again did this. He continues to thrive in his controversy and I just wasted 10 minutes of my time writing about him. He is a pompous ass and writes garbage. Is that the best story he can come up with right now? This has been a great post-season with incredible games and story lines and all Gordon can come up with is to rip local fans again. Shame on him!


SittinDeadRed said...

I've linked the article on the sidebar to give everyone a chance to read it and respond if they would like.

I actually like Monson. I admit he can come across pompous with his whole "I'm not a fan therefore my perspective is better than yours," but for the most part I think he does a pretty good job.

Having listened to 1280 for the last 6 years I know that my opinion of him is in the minority and that most people share your same view of him.

Oh well. Whether you are a fan or not it was pretty clear that the refs blew some very key calls coming down the wire in the last game. I don't buy the whole conspiracy that the refs are purposely affecting the game to get certain matchups in the finals, but some of the missed calls were so obvious I can see how some people would wonder.

The Memo flop was a good no call if you ask me. Memo, rather than fighting for the rebound, tried to rely on his European Ball style and hoped that the ref would bail him out by rewarding his flop. Did Gasol pushoff? Yeah. Was it a foul? Maybe. No ref though is going to give you that call with 20 seconds left on the clock especially when you are on the road. The ref swallowed his whistle as he should of.

I think Monson does have a point in that Laker fans could just as easily complain about the officiating here in the ESA. I would expect the Jazz to get more of the calls here at home tonight than the Lakers. We'll have to watch and see.

Everyone complains about the officiating. It sucks no matter what team you are cheering for. Some fans here locally are so sure that the conspiracy exists that it has been the hot topic of discussion. Hence the need to write the article. It's all anyone wants to talk about on the radio.

Like I said, I don't buy it. I think the refs did blow some calls, but the refs blow calls every game. The Jazz had ample opportunity to take over that game and failed to do so.

They'll get the win tonight and I would be willing to bet they get the calls as well. That's usually the case when you are playing at home.

Fat One said...

I agree with you Shane on the refs, I would rather them swallow the whistle at the end of games. I was in no way saying that there is a conspiracy, only that Monson is an a-hole for his article. I lost it when I read his, "im not a fan" statement again. I hated that when I listened to him and reading it brought back his idiocy to me. The only game the Jazz shot more free throws was in game four, but I can understand why. Whether fans like it or not, stars get preferential treatment. I remember laughing at some of the calls Malone and Stockton would get back in the day. It comes with experience and proving oneself. D-Will is on his way and Boozer was until this Kirilenko-esque fall off during the playoffs. The only thing he is missing is a good ole fashion cry in front of the media.
The Jazz lost because of failure to execute, Monson should write something on the game or the NBA and lay off the fans. Why put them down for finding something to be passionate about. Good for the fans, I am one and if I ever stop getting excited, that will be a sad day. That is what makes sports so great.

SittinDeadRed said...

I don't know why I like the guy other than after 6 years of listening to the big show he has grown on me. I didn't care for him in the beginning but my opinion of him has changed over the years.

So, I can understand your dislike for him. Most people don't care for him either.

I'm excited for the game. It's fun to have something that you are passionate about. Some people don't understand the love for the sport, the competition, or attaching yourself to a team, but for me it's a part of my life that I really enjoy. I can't imagine liking sports without having a team to be fanatical about. Monson is missing out by maintaining his "unbiassed" view.

SittinDeadRed said...

I wasn't able to get the live blog set up. If the Jazz play in a game 7 I'll try to have it up and going then.

Agent_Scarn said...

I can't figure out why so many people hate Kevin Graham. I think that guy is my long lost brother. Everything down to his man card rules I think are brilliant. I've been getting frustrated with David Locke as of recent. He is the biggest Boozer homer. I love how he breaks down most games but if anyone calls his show in the last week and brings up Boozers lack of play he totally starts patronizing them. He starts making comments that just because you're a fan doesn't mean you have to be knowledgeable. This is all in reference to a guy questioning Boozers play justifiably so. Monson is a boner. I've thought that from day 1. Again, I probably would never switch back over to 1280 if it wasn't for Graham. Talk to you guys in a bit, well at least through the 648 texts that are going to start crossing the waves between the 3 of us here in a minute.

SittinDeadRed said...

I like Graham as well. The guy makes me laugh.

I've tried to listen to Locke but something about the dude's voice doesn't sit well with me. I like the stats that he brings but can't listen to him very long before I find myself annoyed.