Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Savior of IndyCar Racing....

At least that is what they are saying.

Do you recognize the driver in this photo.  You would had you been watching the Indy 500 this afternoon.  

How about this one?

That's right.  It's Danica Patrick.  I tuned in for the last 60 laps of the Indy 500 and all I heard about was Danica this, and Danica that.  Even though she was well behind, when they would return from commercial break they were sure to update the viewers of her placing even before telling who was in the lead.  Why?  Is it because she is such an amazing driver?  Or, is it because she looks good in a Bikini?  What do you think?

Since her rookie season in 2005 she has had 53 starts.  Of the 53 starts she has one win.  That's right.  ONE.  In the race today where she owned the media attention she finished an amazing 22nd.  

Call me sexist if you want but if a women wants to earn the respect of her men counterparts in a male dominated sport do it by winning and not by just looking good.  The only way she deserved the hype she received today is if the race was won by whoever had the best looks.  Otherwise we shouldn't know her name any more so than the driver who finished 21st.

At least she didn't run anyone over on pit row.  That's newsworthy.  

Danica, rely on your ability and not just your body.  
Yours truely, 
Anna Kournicova

Danica, Why don't you quit embarrassing yourself and just stick with racing other women?
Michelle Wie

Talking Points

-At the Munson family BBQ I beat Amanda's brother twice in a row in 1-on-1 basketball.  When Amanda found out that I had won she asked, "How did you beat him?  Is it because he is out of shape or what?"  The thought never crossed her mind that I actually have any basketball ability.  I get no respect around here.  (In Tyler's defense he did have a bum knee.  But still, where's the credit?) 

-Pirate Motor Sports has a bye tomorrow night.  You'll have to wait another week for the much anticipated recap of the monday night doubleheader.  If you were to tune into baseball tonight and catch the nights top ten it would be nearly identical to what you could expect from the softball diamond.  Maybe that could hold you over until next week.

-Big Brown has  a cracked hoof.  The 30 year drought of the Triple Crown might make it to 31.  I hope not.  They say he should still be able to race.

-Even though I said I wouldn't, I have found myself watching quite a bit of the conference finals.  I had thought that I would want to see the Lakers play the Celtics in the finals, but as I watch I find myself cheering for the Spurs. (I know, break out the tweezers)  What can I say?  I hate the Lakers.  

It's similar to the feeling I get when I try to convince myself to cheer for the Utes because it is what is best for the conference.  In the end though I can't bring myself to do it for fear of possibly making myself physically ill.  I haven't quite got to the sick part but I am confident that cheering for the Utes would cause me to projectile vomit and break a rib.  I don't care what anyone says the MWC is not worth that pain.

So to sum it all up: Go Spurs!  

Oh yeah: Go Celtics too!  

And while I'm at it: Utes Suck!



Tikes said...

Aghast has returned. Not only horse racing but IndyCar racing? Are you a NASCAR fan too? I think we have moved beyond sporting events.

As for Danica. I have never watched racing, nor will I, but I do know her name. My guess is that she has increased revenue by a significant amount, thus the attention. AND, everybody is probably tired of looking at the other dudes on the track, and would just rather talk about and/or look at her.

When she ran over someone...that was the best IndyCar footage I have ever seen...and really the only part I paid attention to. I usually tune out for that brief section of SportsCenter.

SDR....take solace in the fact that Maria Sharipova is a winner.

SittinDeadRed said...

Aghast? Again? You have Danica Patrick in the post wearing a bikini, and you still use the word aghast. What's a matter, you don't like women? J/K

Not much of a NASCAR fan but I would like to go see an event live someday. I've heard it actually is pretty cool to be there at one in person. My boy loves the movie Cars so much that I think he would really dig going to something like that.

I've thought about going to NASCAR in Vegas next March, that is if we can get the mullets to grow fast enough. We want to look the part.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...

You grew up in a house with 7 boys.
No girls.
A little sexist eh? :-)