Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's about time

The Jazz finally found their transition game and put the Rockets out of commission. I have to tip my hat to Adelman and his coaching this series. He really put the clamps down on the Jazz and their style of basketball. Game 6 was a mixture of elation and disappoinment. I have been telling Shane that Boozer has to start taking it to the hoop. Carlito started out the game doing just that. He was able to get Dikembe in foul trouble in 2 minutes and the Jazz were rolling. Ronnie Brewer was a star! The offense was thriving and the UCLA cuts were flourishing. After building a 19 point lead however, the Jazz decided it was time to start hoisting up early, ill-advised jump shots again. I was cursing and my wife was looking at me with disgust. How could they not see that they were playing into the Rockets game plan again? This happened with our first team on the court again, and Boozer was terrible. He brought back memories of Malone and his fall away 15 footers. I am starting to wonder if Boozer has what it takes to be a go to guy in the clutch. It seems to me that Memo is a much better option in that he will post people when necessary, and I feel confident when he shoots the outside shot, not to mention his 6 straight double double.
The second half turned out better, but it still was not Jazz basketball. The team was D-Will's team and the game belonged to him. He was outstanding in every way. Every time he shot the ball, I was already putting my arms in the air. There is little doubt in my mind that his stats would surpass Chris Paul's stats if he were given the same latitude to shoot when he wanted. He is capable of breaking down defenders off of the dribble and taking it to the hole, and his outside shooting is lights out. As far as I'm concerned there is no comparison to Jason Kidd outside of their body types. Kidd in his 87 years in the league has never developed a consistent outside game, and D-Will is as dangerous as anybody (outside the Novak kid from Houston, where was he all series?) The third quarter belonged to Deron and he gave the Jazz the much needed victory. The fourth quarter was just a walk in the park and I had little doubt that the Jazz were going to win. Mcgrady can't play in the crucial minutes of a game, he never has and never will. I loved seeing him clank his free throws and his uncomfortable face every time the camera showed him. It reminded me of what my face probably looked like at Junior High school dances when I would hang out in the dark corners wanting to go ask the ladies to dance, or Shane's face on his wedding night... Goodbye T-Mac, go back to Houston and you are not welcome in Zion. I can't believe he had the gall to come out and say he "hated" Jazz fans. Since when have you thrived in hostile environments Tracy? Did you think that would help your game? You fish-eyed, brick laying, broken down baby! I loved when he started limping and acting hurt toward the fourth quarter, talk about a built in excuse waiting to happen. Reefer Alston was another example of somebody not wanting to perform, he needed to rub some feminine cream on and get back on the court. It is a close out game in the playoffs, get an injection, tape up the ankle and get on the court. We as Jazz fans have been fortunate enough to have witnessed Stockton and Malone play through injuries and earn their pay checks.
In the end, it was a good performance by the Jazz. I find myself stupidly questioning the wizard Jerry Sloan for his substition pattern again. Why does Ronnie Brewer not get more PT in crunch time? He is a play maker. He does not need the ball in his hands to contribute and his defense is awesome to watch. This being said, Jerry is king. He has coached and deserved to coach longer than any other coach the same ball club. He knows what he is doing, and that is why he sits where he does and I sit in my underwear writing on blogs. Hopefully he stays with the Jazz another ten years, he deserves it and the NBA would be worse without him.

Did anyboy watch Boston and Atlanta? Man it would be funny to watch the C's go down to the 8 seed in the East. Atlanta would have been 12th in the west behind Golden State, Portland and Sacramento. That is funny stuff. You could see their butts puckering on TV. Could this be another upset the likes of Denver with Dikembe of the 90s or Golden State over Dallas last year? Stay tuned, Sunday is decsion day for the Cs. I think they will win based on talent and KG's will to win. He is a beast and is hard not to like. I would actually like to see him win it all. He is the MVP this year, he isn't the best player in basketball, but no player can lead a team like KG. He is an emotional giant and would succeed at any job he had. If only Mccain had his leadership ability.
The playoffs have been great! The NBA is back finally. We went through a few years of thugs and gangstas, but it appears the NBA has quality stars that will lead the NBA for the foreseeable future. It is awesome to watch the stank nuggs choke and play selfish basketball and fail. Melo is a thug of the past and his best days are behind him already. He is doomed to a Pac man fall from grace. That team should be blown up. They cannot compete with the Jazz or Portland starting next year.

Alright, props to the Jazz and their victory. Hopefully they can play well against the Lakers. I will post a matchup breakout in the next couple of days (not that you care). I'm feeling BLUE!


SittinDeadRed said...

It was amazing how quickly things changed in that game. I had to watch it on the DVR today and I kept waiting for the let down in the second quarter that you had talked about.

With 6 minutes left in the quarter the Jazz still had around an 18 point lead, and then just like that it was nearly tied thanks to a 19-5 run by Houston.

Just as quick as the Rockets got back into the game the Jazz turned it around at put the game out of reach with a 19-5 run themselves to start the third quarter.

That stretch of threes by Williams was amazing. That guy is such a gamer. It was fun to watch.

Thanks for the updates. Between you and Amanda I had a pretty good play by play coming through text messages.

SittinDeadRed said...

Amanda told me that T-Macs face reminded her of that time that she caught you coming out of our apartment after you had left your mark. She says you had a similar face expression. You remember that don't you?

I bet that was pretty uncomfortable.

Fat One said...

Yes sir, I forgot about that time, I would have dropped that example in if I would have remembered.

SittinDeadRed said...

What do you know about my Honeymoon night? Actually, don't answer that.

Agent_Scarn said...

Do you think T-Mac gives that pissed off look after a takes a massive dump to ensure he doesn't get a floater. Come on T-Mac, show that terd who's boss!!!!

Ok, so here's my take on Brewer. I love a lot of what he brings to the table and he played great D in the 3rd quarter. When you listen to Sloan talk about Ronnie's defense he will talk about how athletically Ronnie is great to watch, but he has not done a very good job at forcing McGrady to bad spots on the floor. He allows McGrady to dictate the play more than say Harpring and Kirilinko do. After hearing this I started paying attention to it a bit more and it had a lot of substance. You will probably be able to see it with Kobe also. Harp and AK will always have a body on him forcing him to different spots on the floor, preventing him from going where he wants to go. Brewer plays off when McGrady/Kobe don't have the ball but then plays good on the ball defense. With great players the offense will usually beat the defense when you let them get to their spots. Ok, I'm rambling now. I think you get the picture.

SittinDeadRed said...

Look who decided to join us. Secret Agent Scarn! It didn't take you long to get the turd talk going. Just like old times. The only thing missing is the Fat One telling us about how he looked at himself in the mirror this morning and it blew his mind.

I'll have to watch Brewer a little closer now.

Fat One said...

Holy Smackole, Agent Scarn is in the house. Where you been man, and how much did you have to pay those mexicans to take a picture with their fish?
That is an interesting point with Brewer, I am going to have to watch that. Hopefully the Jazz can contain Kobe to the extent that he can be. I hope that every time he shoots that somebody with give him a little bit of a smack on that pinky finger that has a torn ligament.
I am watching the C's pour it on the "A-T-L" as cool people call it today. I think they should be embarrassed that they are getting so excited at beating a team with 37 regular season wins. They are acting like they are knocking of the Lakers or something. Atlanta was supposed to get swept. I know there is emotion in the game, but seriously, they should act like they have been there before.

SittinDeadRed said...

Maybe the east isn't a given like we thought it was.

That fish looks photoshopped.

Agent_Scarn said...

The one "Mexican" is Travis Hitt. Bryce Atkins friend. Anyways, Jazz 108 - Lakers 103. Later