Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Talking Points


Pirate Motor Sports made the clean sweep last night in our double-header.  Not only did we blow out the competition but one of the teams actually was upset because we let up and took it easy on them.  I think because we had guys hitting left handed that they felt like we were trying to show them up.   

Their left fielder in an attempt to throw a guy out at home overthrew the backstop and bounced it off the complex building roof where the scorekeepers sit.  I've never seen anything quite like that before.  

I predicted a 6-4-3 double play by Tikes and I.  It didn't happen.  Instead we upped the degree of difficulty and made it a 5-4-3 double played turned to absolute perfection.  Unfortunately we assumed Vanessa would be there as the blog photographer, but she wasn't, so the moment wasn't forever captured on film.  No posters for us.  The season is still young though.

Tikes brother hit a dinger out over Payson main street that ended up in the high school parking lot.  Shortly thereafter my 2 year old boy disappeared and was eventually found out on the road with a ball in his hand.  The kid has got a nose for the ball. 

-Western Conference Finals

The Spurs closed out the series on the road against the Hornets.  I had the feeling that their experience would come through in the end and even told Elton as much about a week ago.  I can't stand watching the Spurs. I think I would rather sit at home and pluck out my pubes with a pair of tweezers than watch them win another championship. (Graphic?  Yes.  But I doubt any of you now question how bad I dislike watching the Spurs play)  

So, who do I cheer for now?  I hate the Lakers, and can't stand watching the Spurs.  That's a dilemma. 

-Locker Clean Out

Jazz cleaned out their lockers.  D-Will says Utah is the place where he would like to stay.  As of right now everyone is saying the right things.  I think he will stay but the question is for how long.  Will he go the route of Lebron and Wade and sign the short contract or will he lock into something long term?  We'll see.


No, I am not unemployed.  Yes I do have a job.  I have been on here a lot though lately.


Vanessa said...

Didn't know that was my assignment. Maybe next week, even though Schmidt won't be there, I'll come and support the team!
(he works you know)

Tikes said...

Graphic indeed. I can't say I would rather tweez my pubes that watch San Antonio, but I will not be cheering them on. I find it much easier to not watch the games and just see the score. I don't have to watch them. By the way, I would like to fight Bruce Bowen. He pretty much needs to wear a unitard out there, since he is not playing basketball and yes I am sure he uses the "shocker" technique during the game. My vote goes to the Celtics, although if they keep playing like they have been, I am not sure they can get to the finals.

As for our softball games, I think we could have scored 60 runs in our first game. We gave up trying after the 1st inning. SDR and I turned a picture perfect 5-4-3 to nail the DP with time to spare. V-Ness, I don't know what you were doing last night, but it was NOT more important than filming our game. No doubt you were glued to the Bachelorette....

As for the errant throw. My older brother threw it over the first base dugout one time, and I have seen some balls fly over the 3rd base fence from right field, but I have never seen on sail completely over the backstop and hit the snack was pretty awesome.

Vanessa said...

Dancing With the Stars. I had to make sure that the DVR was recording Schmidt's man crush: Jason Taylor. There I said it.

Tikes said...

Wow E.....Jason Taylor. He did some soap commercials a while back where he was lathering up...have you seen those?

SittinDeadRed said...

A Lakers vs Celtics series might catch my attention a little. It might be kind of interesting to see a new look to an old rivalry. I'll at least check the scores anyways.

If it is the Spurs vs Pistons I won't even check the scores. I've already seen that one and it was boring the first time.

Bowen is dirty. I don't care for the guy either. If I were to have a man crush (which I won't because it's, well, kind of gay) it wouldn't be for that dude.

Vanessa, if you remind me I'll be sure to get you a press pass for the upcoming double header so you can get right down close and capture all the action.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you aren't getting paid to post.
I wouldn't give you such a hard time for always being on the computer. :-)


Fat One said...

Hey not having a job is great! I have my sugar mama and I get to stay home and take care of our two cats. You just can't appreciate how difficult that is until you try it... I think that is what the ladies say, and what's wrong with the Bachelorette? The Karate dude is nuts... Yes i did watch it, and no I am not gay, I have a wife. As far as softball goes, man I miss that sport. I played four days a week in different leagues when I met my wife, then it went down to three, then two, then one, and now it has been two years since I could sit out there and scratch my man-hood. What is this marriage thing all about!!!! Ok just kidding, marriage is great (you never know when the wifey will read this)... Ok enough with the three periods after my sentences. I liked my end of season post and goals for the Jazz much more than Gordon Monson. He still is an ass.... there goes the multiple periods again. Amanda, be nice to Shane. Enough, bye