Sunday, May 4, 2008

Worn Out......

At least that was how it looked anyways.  

Coming into the game I felt that if the Jazz were going to split the first two games in LA this would be the one to get the win from.  I was hoping the Jazz would carry some momentum from the other night against Houston and catch a rusty Laker team coming off basically a two week break since the Nuggets rolled over for them.  The Jazz came out hot but by the second quarter they looked like a team that had been through a battle and was still feeling the affect of it.

To many turnovers that first half.  Boozer had 6 of them himself.  More than the whole rest of the team combined.  In the second quarter the Lakers really ran the court well and got a lot of easy baskets in transition.  Again, it looked like the Jazz had no legs left under them.  It was frustrating to see them settle for jump shots after going inside had been so effective.  It's too bad because aside from that one bad quarter, the Jazz matched the play of the Lakers for the other 3/4 of the game.

Is all lost?  I don't think so.  The Lakers are an outstanding team with the most amazing player of this decade leading them, but I think the Jazz can still make this series interesting.  Kobe is going to do his thing, that's a given, but if the Jazz can contain the rest of the Lakers and keep them in check they have a legitimate shot of beating these guys.

Had you told me before the game that the Jazz's bench would score 26 points, six guys would score in double digits, they would have 3 times as many offensive rebounds as the Lakers (25 to their 8), and 21 assists, I would have said that it was going to be a well played game.  I would have expected a win.

The Jazz will get their wins.  This series is going to be a real test for the Lakers, one which I wouldn't be surprised to see them fail.  I am expecting the Jazz to come out in game #2 and play a tough, physical game.  I don't expect the let down like we saw today.  After a 3 day rest they should have fresh legs and be ready to roll.

Who will get the win?  I am going to re-adjust my blue shades, get behind the team, and predict a Jazz win.  I think it will be a close game with the Jazz stealing game number two from the Lakers.  

What say you?