Thursday, May 8, 2008

%*&^ (*&^ Jazz

Attention shoppers, there is a disaster in Utah. I had to wait a day to write this post to avoid a profanity laced diatribe. Where have the stars on the Jazz gone? How is it possible that I sit there hoping that Jerry pulls Carlos out of the game and puts Milsap in? Where did the Jazz defense go? When did quick jump shots become the jazz offense?

The first two games were eerily similar in how they played out. The Jazz quickly dug a large deficit, only to claw their way back to just close enough to get my hopes up, only to quickly revert back to a style of play that put them down in the first place. It is a shame that Carlos has disappeared in the post-season. He really had a good year, but he has lost all confidence. He shows flashes on occasion and will take it to the hole, but he has settled for jump shots most of the time, and the majority of those are not in rhythm and with hesitation. When was the last time that we saw his patented left handed power layup? I honestly do not remember one in the playoffs.
Memo has been a stud up until game 2. He has been arguably the most consistent player for the Jazz in the post season. D-Will has disappeared for stretches, but I put some of that blame on Boozer. How is D-Will supposed to excel when the number 2 of the 1 - 2 punch is not performing. The Lakers have been able to back off and go under the screens on the pick and roll because booz cannot hit a shot. By doing this, it eliminates D-Will's lane to the hoop and makes it very difficult for the Jazz offense. D-Will is amazing when he gets mad and decides to take over a game, but he cannot do that for 48 minutes, and he shouldn't have to. This is going to be a very short series unless the Jazz pull their heads out and play. These first two games have not been competitive. Most the time I prefer a blow out instead of getting my heart ripped out at the end, but I really would like to see the Jazz play up to their capability.

Another interesting side note that I don't think is getting enough play in the press is that of Derek Fisher. I think he tries to be a good guy and he is a class act, however I have changed my mind on him asking out of his contract from the Jazz. The Jazz benevolence has cost them dearly. The NBA is a business, and the Jazz just gave away one of their major assets for nothing to a direct competitor in the same geographical area. I do not think they should have done that. If they had put some sort of stipulation on Fishers release such as that he had to sign with a team in the east, they would have been much better off. I cringe every time he knocks down a jumper or makes a play. He technically should be under contract with the Jazz this year. His nice comments in the press about him rooting for the Jazz except for the Lakers doesn't change things. My opinion on his daughter is that it is a very sad and unfortunate situation. He should care about his daughter more than his career and good for him that he does. The problem starts in that his daughters doctor is in NY and he moved from Utah to LA because of better access to health care. I have heard that a couple of times from the announcers and talking sports heads, but is that really the case? From my understanding, Utah has some of the most renowned oncology departments in the nation. I remember two different coaches in the NBA coming to Utah to be treated for their cancer. Primary Children's Hospital is one of the top rated pediatric hospitals in the nation as well. So the argument that yes Fisher's daughters primary physician is in NY, but the secondary and maintenance health care is not accessible in Utah does not fly with me. My gut tells me that his evangelical side did not agree with Utah's predominant religion and therefore it was a good excuse to get out and back to California. This being said, I really do hope that his daughter makes a full recovery, but he cannot complain if Jazz fans do not receive him with a standing ovation. The first time I heard he was booed, I disagreed with it and thought it was low class, however as I thought about it and the things I mentioned above, I now would stand and boo him as well. One other thing is that with the money he makes, one more year in a contract with the Jazz should have been easily fulfilled. Boozer's family with his kids sickle cell anemia lived in Miami for most the season because of the climate. He fulfilled his contractual obligations. Fisher did not fulfill his.

Ok, it is time for the Jazz to step up. I told Shane before the series that I think that the Jazz will steal game five in LA, so I was expecting loses, just not the sort of loses the Jazz have had. It is time to step up and at least make it a series. The Lakers are young and will be around a long time, so the Jazz need to learn to win now.


SittinDeadRed said...

I ran into Randy late last summer up in Star Valley and asked him what he thought about the whole Fisher leaving the Jazz.

He said that the Jazz felt like he was using his daughter as an excuse to get out of town but that the organization was ok with letting him go. As much as everyone liked Fisher, they felt like he wasn't worth the money they were paying him especially since they had some young talent they were wanting to give a shot. (Brewer)

I wonder what RR felt the other night as he watched Fisher knocking down threes to put the game out of reach. Or when the announcers talked about the role Fish is playing with the Lakers coaching staff advising them on what type of sets and plays to expect from the Jazz.

I agree with you. If you are going to let him go at least put in some stipulations so that he can't come back and burn you later. Letting him go to the most hated team in your conference wasn't a good idea.

I wouldn't boo Fisher coming back, but I certainly can understand why the fans would. I think more than anything it is the name on the front of his jersey.

Rumor Mill: I heard the other day that the doctor that is treating Fisher's daughter actually does research at Primary Children's Hospital. He comes out here periodically. If that is the case then why the need to move?

I don't buy the need to move regardless if the rumor is true or not. Primary's is a top notch hospital.

Boozer needs to pull his head out. His lack of productivity is killing us in this series.

I think another issue is that the Lakers are getting good play from everyone, both role players and their superstars. The Jazz need to do a better job of shutting one side of the equation down. You're not going to stop Kobe, but at least limit the damage the rest of the guys can do against you.

It's game day. I think by this time tomorrow the outlook will be a more positive one. Look for the Jazz to roll tonight in the ESA.